All deleted tweets from politicians

Green MSP for Lothian region. Spokesperson on Health & Sport, Children & Young People & Social Security. 🏃‍♀️🚲🦊

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RT @VP_Scot_RCEM: RT @VP_Scot_RCEM: 1)There were assaults on Staff in at least 3 Scottish Emergency Departments over the weekend. Didn't take long for the cl…

RT @gavincorbett: The parliament seems to be functioning well enough with more business online. This is 100% to do with the Tories in Scotland cravenly copying the calls of their Westminster colleagues to cram the green benches to shore up the most hapless prime minister in my lifetime. Pathetic.

RT @guyshrubsole: This is climate breakdown. Met Office UK rainfall records: - Left: Feb 2020. 400%+ average rainfall in North England & Wales. Massive floods - Right: May 2020. Less than 20% average rainfall for large swathes of England & Wales. Drought looming #ClimateEmergency

RT @philip_ciwf: US megafarm locals call 'Cowschwitz' has cattle pumped with hormones! #Horrific American farm standards are in the Dark Ages - 80% antibiotics consumed in any one year are fed to farm animals in US compared to less than 45% in Britain @ciwf… via @MailOnline

RT @devisridhar: Has been interesting to observe which scientists are vocal, which are quietly unsettled & which are ignoring the elephant in the room.

RT @globalhlthtwit: This is why WHO say cases and contacts should isolate for 14 days. Every country, including the USA, follow this advice. Except the UK.

RT @devisridhar: RT @devisridhar: Pay attention to not only those who have spoken up, but also those who have stayed silent.

Alison Johnstone (Green) tweeted :

Please join me at 2pm tomorrow, for a live discussion with @eileenmckrcn and @kyliecstrachan, on the public health impacts of coronavirus. You will find us online at:

RT @devisridhar: Sobering. 4 million cases already. Feels like just yesterday we were learning about a new pathogen that had infected a handful of people in Wuhan in Dec 2019.