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Green MSP for West Scotland, 'youngest ever MSP' etc. Green 💚 Socialist 🍉 Christian ✝️ Always @YesScotland he/him

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Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @scotgp :

RT @scotgp: Last week @JohnFinnieHI visited Cromarty where @GreenpeaceUK are protesting: "I condemn the 4 other parties in the Scottish Pa…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Somewhere between a quarter and a third of Hong King's population came out for today's protest against Beijing's extradition law. Extraordinary.

Ross Greer (Green) retweeted @Ross_Greer :

RT @Ross_Greer: The #ClimateCrisis will define our lives. The only option left is revolutionary change.… @TheCommonS…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Help us choose the first ever co-leaders of the Scottish Greens!… Become a member today:

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Another win for @EISUnion @EISFela members. Maybe after year of year of this college management will stop picking fights they can't win? #joinaunion…

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Loch Lomond doesn't need Flamingoland. Scotland does need to start protecting our public land. #SaveLochLomond My @dumbartonreport column today:…

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @AMMFisher1 :

@AMMFisher1 That's really, really not how this works. More people usigg trains and buses means far, far, far fewer cars and this far less congestion. You don't need more roads to have more buses, you need less congestion.

Ross Greer (Green) tweeted :

Talking public transport at #SYGGA and specifically the problem of most transport routed in Greater Glasgow being into/out of the city centre, rather tham connecting our communities.

Ross Greer (Green) replied to @davitter :

@davitter We use pencils for STV counts and count by machine. Still required a large-is staff team to verify ballots the machines can't read but far cheaper, far quicker and still secure 😉