All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @katrinamtweets: CNN: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! BBC: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! ABC: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! NBC: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! MTV: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! CBS: Trump Lawyer Pleads Guilty! FOX:

RT @nickconfessore: RT @nickconfessore: Donald Trump saying Japan should have nukes, at a CNN forum:……

RT @MireilleJuchau: When Brueghel meets the anthropocene. Extraordinary photo by Alex Coppel of bushfire evacuees on the beach at the usually sleepy Malua Bay.

RT @waag: Welke uiterlijke kenmerken associëren we met gentrificatie? Op woensdag 16 september organiseren we op de StreetSwipe Label Party, waar we werken aan beeldherkenningssystemen voor gentrificatie. Doe je mee?…

RT @marceldirsus: RT @marceldirsus: Meanwhile in Germany: A wolf casually jogs past a family on his way to Lidl

RT @s_m_i: RT @s_m_i: I did not realize the pandemic was over.

RT @bruine_jongen: RT @bruine_jongen: When Marc van Ranst is tired of our bullshit ◽◽◽◽

RT @connorclerx: RT @connorclerx: Eerdmans onderweg naar het CDA hoofdkantoor

RT @GlobalEcoGuy: RT @GlobalEcoGuy: No. First, electricity produces only 25% of greenhouse gasses, and nuclear would do nothing about the rest.…

RT @jbillinson: RT @jbillinson: This is it, folks. The greatest headline ever written