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RT @RahulTavar_: Vote for this people of Delhi. Issues like education and health should be your first concern. And do remember only AAP is doing that and could do much more if it will have all 7 MPs from the capital in the Parliament. #Vote4AAP…

RT @RahulTavar_: This is what should have been the discourse of elections but sadly the Gujarati Gang with their media management has reduced the discourse to everything which is irrelevant to the electorate.…

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RT @RahulTavar_: आम आदमी पार्टी का ट्रेंड नम्बर 1 पे है और उससे ज्यादा खुशी की बात ये है कि ये 10 पैसे प्रति ट्वीट के हिसाब से पेमेंट देकर नही करवाया जा रहा। ये आम लोगों के जोश और विश्वास का नतीजा है। #Vote4Jhaadu

RT @RahulTavar_: RT @RahulTavar_: The city I currently reside in. #Ghaziabad Thank You ModiJi!! #MyFavouriteSmartCity

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RT @rtdravid: RT @rtdravid: Modiji himself alleged Robert Vadra thousands of time during campaign but arrests only AAP MLAs. Why @PMOIndia ?? #BjpSavesC…

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RT @rtdravid: RT @rtdravid: @NDTVHindi पे वरिष्ठ वकील KTS तुलसी ने कहा की DP के पास पॉवर है लेकिन मामला कोर्ट में है तो ये पॉवर का दुरूपियोग है! #ModiSc…

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RT @rtdravid: RT @rtdravid: कुत्ते की दुम सीधी हो सकती है लेकिन दलाल मीडिया के अग्रणी नेता @_SubhashChandra नहीं बदलेंगे! #IStandWithSonuNigam @AAPforIND…

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Has @Dev_Fadnavis booked his flight to Ahemdabad yet?

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RT @joyopal: An appeal to boycott Muslim-friendly products with the hashtag #SayNoToHalal trended. We find two driving accounts - a BJP national spokesperson & a self-proclaimed pro-BJP IT cell influencer, within 30 min of each other Anyone bets on similar patterns with Infosys, ID?

RT @sandeep_PT: The government may deny it, but large sections of Indian middle classes are financially ruined over the past few years (and destroyed by the pandemic finally).