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RT @saahilmenghani: On a day, BJP's manifesto rules out free water & electricity if it wins, @ArvindKejriwal releases this emotional message. "Jab tak mein hun aapka Bijli, paani, Elaz, Shiksha, Bus sab muft. Ye kar paya aapke vote ke takkat se" 👇

RT @saahilmenghani: Watch- Family members of several MARTYRS thank @ArvindKejriwal for always supporting them. AAP govt has a policy of giving Rs 1 crore compensation to a martyr's family. Video by AAP on my YOUTUBE channel 👇👇

RT @saahilmenghani: RT @saahilmenghani: Delhi Police crime branch responds to CM @ArvindKejriwal's #KejriwalvsWho dare ◽

RT @saahilmenghani: AAP's @SanjayAzadSln roars in Rajya Sabha. In front of Javadekar, who justified @ArvindKejriwal a terrorist, Singh rakes up personal attacks against AK to question BJP's "Sanskar". "Shame, shame" chorus. For more #DelhiElections2020 dose, SUBSCRIBE- 👉

RT @ArvindKejriwal: RT @ArvindKejriwal: LIVE | Reviewing preparedness of the upcoming Corona Centre at the CWG Village…

RT @AamAadmiParty: RT @AamAadmiParty: LIVE | Reviewing preparedness of the upcoming Corona Centre at the CWG Village…

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @PreetiSMenon :

RT @PreetiSMenon: Chinese imports stuck at ports. Indians have paid for these goods, Indians have paid taxes on them. A brainless govt keeps attacking Indian businesses while Govts like Gujarat keep indulging the Chinese

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @akdwaaz :

RT @akdwaaz: Sheila Dixit govt had tents, walls set up to hide slums in Delhi during Commonwealth games. Decade later, BJP govt doing same in Gujarat to hide slums in wake of Trump's visit. Some things never change.

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @akdwaaz :

RT @akdwaaz: RT @akdwaaz: India must be outraged at Rohtak brutality. It is a slap on our collective faces that too few days post Nirbhaya verdict

Ankit Lal (india) retweeted @iawoolford :

RT @iawoolford: हिंदी और मैथिली के प्रसिद्ध लेखक, जनकवि बाबा नागार्जुन की पुण्यतिथि पर.. उनकी लोकप्रिय कविता “बाकी बच गया अंडा” सुनें 🙏 “पाँच पूत भारतमाता के, दुश्मन था खूँखार गोली खाकर एक मर गया, बाक़ी रह गए चार…” #Shair #Kavya #Nagarjun #श्द्धांजलि