All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @FuschiaScribe: Vinta Nanda's story of harassment and sexual assault is so triggering. Can't fathom what she must have gone through for all these years. Shame on you Alok Nath.

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RT @fayedsouza: RT @fayedsouza: One more gang rape in #Haryana today. 7 rapes in 6 days. No accountability!

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RT @AjmerSinghET: We all, Capt Mandeep's course mates, are proud of Gurmehar @mehartweets and fully support her. Trolls, Netas, Cricketers, #Abvp BACK OFF…

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Courtesy a certain Misra

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RT @SaketRJha: @dhruv_rathee @AtishiMarlena I am a witness to such transformations. Visited Sr Sec Boys School, Pusa, New Delhi. The school broke all stereotypes of what a govt school looks like. Awestruck! #NeverSeenBefore

RT @nikolatesla1375: @AkshayMarathe @ManojTiwariMP Kejriwal govts development schools in Delhi covered by Telugu daily's indeed great

RT @sruthijith: RT @sruthijith: This anaesthetist deserves to be honoured. Went beyond the call of duty to save a life.

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RT @sruthijith: Travel agents used to take 500 rupees to book a flight ticket. Tech disruption drove them out of business. We started booking online. Now those sites charge 460 rupees. Basically the income of thousands of disparate small businesses now go to a few aggregators. We pay the same.