All deleted tweets from politicians

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Dipankar (india) tweeted :

Just heard about the passing of Professor Daisy Narain of Patna, popular teacher and tireless activist in defence of justice and democracy. She will be sorely missed by the democratic movement and civil society in Patna and beyond. #Respect #RestInPower

Dipankar (india) retweeted @varungrover :

RT @varungrover: RT @varungrover: He also resigned taking responsibility as the railway minister for one train accident.…

Dipankar (india) retweeted @nc24x7 :

RT @nc24x7: Exclusive: Modi’s ‘Diwali Gift’ of Better Pay Turns Out to be a Lie, Bihar ASHA Workers Now on Indefinite Strike The backbone of India’s rural health systems, ASHAs remain the most overworked, underpaid (if paid at all) and neglected. Read:…

Dipankar (india) retweeted @nc24x7 :

RT @nc24x7: When 'Modi The Mute' Spoke To His Personal Bard- @bainjal analyses Modi's latest overseas jaunt. Her verdict in one word- "Awkward".…

Dipankar (india) tweeted :

Tradition becomes ossified if it does not respect the demands of time! Respect Bharat Sevashram for keeping the needs of Covid patients above its century-old rules and restrictions, for prioritising life and human needs over the precepts of tradition.…

Dipankar (india) replied to @Dipankar_cpiml :

@chatukhor @NitishKumar I checked again. Unfortunately, less than 80% patients are being turned away by Covid care hospitals at Kankarbagh, Rajendra Nagar, Ashoka Hospital and even IGIMS! Because below 90 patients would need more Oxygen! Unthinkable, but that's how apparently it is at the moment!

Dipankar (india) tweeted :

Just hearing that #Patna hospitals have set up an Oxygen saturation cut-off mark of 90% for admission of #Covid19 patients. This is to 'rationalise' the use of scarce Oxygen! Are patients with lower saturation levels to be left to die? We owe an answer from you, @NitishKumar ji!

Dipankar (india) retweeted @jnu_voice :

RT @jnu_voice: JNUSU organised an Effigy Burning against the attack on #UmarKhalid today. The JNU students stand firm with Umar and all others who are being targetted by the Hindutva forces. We shall have barricades of resistance against each such fanatic attack. #StandWithUmarKhalid

RT @SAsiaSolidarity: Please sign, share this urgent petition to @narendramodi: take immediate action on oxygen supplies & reverse deadly vaccine decisions.Prioritise lives, not corporate profits and political manipulation! #COVIDEmergency2021 #VaccinesForAll #IndiaNeedsOxygen…