All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament for Sivaganga | Member, All India Congress Committee (AICC) | VP Tamil Nadu Tennis Association | Don Bosco, UT Austin, Cambridge.

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RT @RashmiNairPhD: Eating meat has nothing to do with love for animals. But implying meat eaters are barbaric or a people incapable of loving other creatures has long been a Brahminical tool to subjugate the indigenous people of India. Brahminism hates fellow humans, it's love for animals is a joke

RT @puram_politics: India has the best response to every crisis. Mass unemployment: don't release the report. Miserable economy: tamper with back series data. Corona Virus: don't test. You cannot be accused of stuff no one has evidence of.

@gilkumar The bike is parked, so need for a helmet. (Mask! Perhaps)

RT @PChidambaram_IN: Is Prasar Bharti’s letter to PTI on 27 June a veiled threat to PTI? Who gave the authority to Prasar Bharti to decide whether any news report is in the ‘national interest’ or not?

RT @PChidambaram_IN: The reality is that the official organs of the government, DD and AIR, controlled through Prasar Bharti, have little independence and less credibility. Prasar Bharti should immediately withdraw the letter to PTI.

RT @ParveenKaswan: RT @ParveenKaswan: Family that struggles together stays together. A stubborn bear cub and momma from snowy mountains. (Whatsapp) https://t.…

RT @mihira_sood: Tired of this lazy narrative that Modi is not personally corrupt. Interfering with institutions like EC, SC, RBI, ED, IB is corruption. Flying around on Adani's dime for election campaigns is corruption. And the allegations regarding Judge Loya? Corrupt to the core. Personally.

RT @mihira_sood: The @kunalkamra88 Arnab Goswami incident is one where the govt, media, and private companies have all acted as one. This is not a democracy. It doesn't matter which party you support - this should worry everyone.

RT @h_tejas: RT @h_tejas: If you have eaten only vegetarian food since you were born, you are not "vegetarian by choice." You are vegetarian because of…