All deleted tweets from politicians

Lawyer. Social Activist. BJP National Spokesperson. Member of Parliament, New Delhi LS Constituency. Chairperson,Standing Committee on Public Sector Enterprise

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Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Good move, example of Singapore is a better example as compared to Pakistan, May be one such centre is needed close to Shaheen Bagh specifically when you small children being brain washed for propaganda.

@indianosaur Pukka AAP ke student wing se hain else you would have known the Tax component by the state govt of Delhi is highes close to 38 Rs

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Sharing the complaint made to Election Commission against ABP NEWS for violating the Model Code of Conduct , post announcement of Delhi State elections. Biased & unscrupulous conduct. #

@Sunandito1974 With this logic , you should be the one supporting NRC to through illegal infiltrators out of India . Will you?

RT @JessRobeson: 24) This 13 year-old, English girl details the kinds of racism and sexual predation she gets at school, from Muslim boys.…

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

India stands against rogue state which committed mass extinction of minorities belonging to erstwhile united India i.e Hindus, Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs & Parsis. #CAAJanJagran #happynewyear2020 to the ones who have entered India before 13Dec2014.

@vijayaenugula Rajiv Gandhi photo Tweet karne se pehle soch lete toh baudhik Gyan ki zaroorat nahi padti

@tushjain15 From my perspective I am showing them the mirror and engaging in national agenda , otherwise to say putting them on the back foot.

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Please check the Report of Home Ministry for the year 2008-2009 , could you all please guess the name of than Home Minister ?????? एक वो है जो वायदा करके भुला देते हैं और एक हम हैं कि उनके किए हुए वायदे भी निभा देते हैं 🇮🇳🙏🏽

Meenakashi Lekhi (india) tweeted :

Jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go Laughing all the way MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY CHRISTIANS FRIENDS & CHRISTIANS ACROSS THE WORLD 🌹💐