All deleted tweets from politicians

Member of Parliament-Rajya Sabha, RJD. Doctor. Feminist. Rationalist. Socialist. Follows religion, but not blindly. Born in revolution, born for revolution.

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RT @isethi03: A hospital with no equipment, just beds? None of the soldiers look injured. All bed sheets clean and nicely tucked in. Looks like the PM's set director & marketing team over-scripted this? Or have these theatrics just become the norm now? #Shame

RT @Pun_Starr: In UP, 8 police officers kil!ed in an encounter with gangster Vikas Dubey. In Leh, PM Modi said- This is an era of vikas. Both are unrelated news.

RT @i_theindian: Has anyone ever seen a patients ward with a projector, a screen & a headtable? A ward which doesn't have a single medical equipment? It's amply clear, to facilitate PM's photoshoot, an Army Conference Hall was converted into a ward with armymen posing like injured patients.

RT @shubhpilot: ये नही मानेगा मेरा हीरो 😘, कांफ्रेंस रूम को ही अपने फोटो शूट के लिए अस्पताल वार्ड बना दिया 😁 All Patients Are Ready For The Pose, No Hospital Equipments And Conference Room Is Ready For The Shoot Event Again 😁

RT @sandythapar: RT @sandythapar: Theek keeta ki nahin?

RT @report_real: BJP spokesperson, Sambit Patra, has been residing in a Member of Parliament accommodation in New Delhi. As Sambit Patra holds NO govt. position, the residence has illegally been given to him by the BJP. Why should a spokesperson live on taxpayers money at a MP accommodation?

RT @Aasthakoushal: This Guy Is Forcing the Indian Government to Answer Some Tough Questions - VICE… After all, you are an inspiration 🌸 :) @SaketGokhale

RT @AudaciousQuest_: BJP is talking to empty chairs everywhere. 🤔 This is Nitin Gadkari's corner meeting in Nagpur tonight. So people are turning their back to BJP leaders? Has India already rejected BJP? #ChowkidarChorHai

RT @DilawarIT: RT @DilawarIT: EVM row revives ghost of mystery chip seized in 2013 MP polls via @TOICitiesNews