All deleted tweets from politicians

President @aimim_national & Member of Parliament Lok Sabha (Hyderabad Constituency) Barrister-at-Law (Lincolns Inn), England

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RT @Mahmudabad: In matter of criminal Vikas Dubey the BJP is trying to blame the opposition. In the interest of transparency @dgpup and @lkopolice should release his call records (CDR) so we can see who he has been in touch with. After that he must be given the strongest possible punishment!

RT @TeetotalerBilla: RT @TeetotalerBilla: Breaking: PM set to visit Ladakh today. Scheduled to inaugurate PLA camps in Galwan Valley.

RT @akdwaaz: RT @akdwaaz: Similar incidents used to happen against Sikhs after 1983. Increased further post 1984.…

وزیر موصوف @ نے مجلس کے فلور لیڈر اکبر الدین اویسی کی تجویز کو قبول کیا اور بروقت جو درست فیصلہ کیا ہے ہم اسکی ستائش کرتے ہیں۔

اےآئی ایم آئی ایم کے فلور لیڈر اکبرالدین اویسی نے @ سے ملاقات کی اور نمائندگی کی تھی کے حیدرآباد میں بڑے پیمانے پر ٹسٹنگ کی جاۓ۔انہوں نے خواہش کی تھی کہ حیدرآباد پارلیمانی حلقے میں 20ہزار اور نامپلی حلقے میں 2 ہزار ٹسٹ کۓ جائیں۔ٹسٹنگ کے بغیر ہم اس وباء کا مقابلہ نہیں کرسکتے۔

Asaduddin Owaisi (india) tweeted :

. @DelhiPolice @AmitShah should tell us why cops hastily arrested student activists who weren't connected to Delhi violence but didn't even register FIRs against cops who participated & allowed violence to continue Clear evidence of a pogrom, NOT a riot…

RT @SushantSin: Chinese Foreign Ministry’s briefing held on Tuesday, by Zhao Lijian Q: The Indian army said that two side agreed to disengage the troops. Can you confirm that? Ans: The specific measures under the discussion are to disengage the troops. I have no further information to release.

RT @manaman_chhina: RT @manaman_chhina: It is stock statement. Worthless.

RT @aimim_national: जिस ज़मीन पर सैनिकों को मारा गया वो भारत की सरज़मीं थी, अगर कोई मेरे घर में घुस कर मेरे सैनिकों और कमांडिंग अफसर को मारता है तो भाड़ में जाए अग्रीमेंट। - Barrister @asadowaisi…

RT @manaman_chhina: Someone just asked someone else on my TL what the PMs statement on Ladakh meant. The person said, “kundi na khakdao raja seedha andar aao raja”.