All deleted tweets from politicians

The official Twitter handle of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)

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RT @delhiitesforco1: Former MP, Rajya Sabha @SubhashiniAli addressed at Hauz Rani in solidarity with the ongoing sit-in against CAA-NRC-NPR…

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

7 Million people joined a 620 Km long Human Chain organized by the LDF Govt against #CAA_NRC.

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

.@SubhashiniAli addressed two separate sit-in protests in Indore, MP which have been going on against the divisive and unconstitutional #CAA.

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

CPIM Central Committee member and Finance minister of Kerala @drthomasisaac today addressed the students of Jamia Millia Islamia. He extended support to the movement against #CAA & struggle for justice.

RT @cpimkurukshetra: फीस वृद्धि वापस लो JNU वी.सी. को हटाओ नागरिक मार्च मंडी हाउस से MHRD शास्त्री भवन तक #mandihouse #JNUProtests #J…

CPI (M) (india) replied to @cpimspeak :

Modi Govt has sought to destroy every pillar of our constitutional. We must fiercely resist these attempt in order to safeguard our constitution and democracy.

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

उत्तर प्रदेश में भाजपा की योगी सरकार द्वारा सीए ए के विरोध में आंदोलन और आंदोलनकारियों के ऊपर दमन चक्र चलाया जा रहा है ।…

CPI (M) (india) tweeted :

आज पूरे बिहार में मशाल जुलुश निकाला गया। कल सीपीआईएम और अन्य वामपंथी पार्टियों द्वारा नागरिकता संशोधन कानून, एन आर सी और प्रदेश में बढ़ते महिला हिंसा के खिलाफ बिहार बंद का आह्वान किया गया है।

CPI (M) (india) retweeted @ANI :

RT @ANI: Waseem Ahmed Khan, Chief Proctor, Jamia Millia Islamia University: Police have entered the campus by force, no permission was give…