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Ex-Councillor,Municipal Corporation Gurgaon. Working to get a voice for city resident, when cities run through proxy i.e.Municipal Commissioner.

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RT @AamAdmiPartyFBD: RT @AamAdmiPartyFBD: Deputy CM .@msisodia in action, he sacked six Anganwadi workers over irregularities.

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RT @darpans: RT @darpans: Jaipur to Stockholm = 5600 km. Jaipur to Alwar = 156 km.…

RT @spectatorindex: Worst air quality in the world, selected cities. 1. Delhi 2. Dakar 3. Mumbai 4. Beijing 5. Johannesburg 6. Jakarta 7. Tehran 8. Jerusalem 9. Melbourne 10. Lima 11. Seoul 12. Rio 13. Bangkok 14. Milan 15. Mexico City 16. Tokyo 17. Paris 18. LA 19. London 20. New York City (WHO)

RT @spectatorindex: RT @spectatorindex: World's happiest nations, 2017. 1. Norway 2. Denmark 3. Iceland 14. US 19. UK 34. Saudi 49. Russia 69. Turkey 79. Chi…

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RT @vickyApthi: RT @vickyApthi: @RoflGandhi_ @akshaykumar Sir what u said today was great but showing molesting videos in ur films is equally bad. ◽ https:…

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RT @SELVA_191: //Though police claimed that they fell ill due to weakness, the girls alleged that they were served poisoned coffee in a bid to kill them so that the ongoing atrocities in the call centre could be hidden and the protest ended."//… via @indiatoday

RT @Janta_Janardan: RT @Janta_Janardan: I will donate 1rs to AAP for every RT of this tweet.Clean funding is a fundamental requirement for India. #Donate4AAP @…

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RT @acjoshi: To All the twitter warriors / TV Channel Anchor warriors/ Trolls Here is your chance Sharing link of recruitment advertisement of Territorial Army The age of the candidates applying for this post must not exceed 42 years & must be minimum 18 years…

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RT @acjoshi: @AnupamPKher @AnupamPKher Enough of this #TukdeTukdeGang nonsense @kanhaiyakumar is a real #chaiwala based on his family's economic status He is a real #Chowkidar as he believes in the Indian Constitution Those who attack him,abuse him without proof are the real #TukdeTukdeGang

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RT @hi_paresh: Any1 saying Diwali is festival of crackers & not light is result of screwed up mythology books to fool Hindus @sanjayuvacha @IndiaExplained