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Spokesperson, @INCKarnataka| Producer, TV & Branded Content| Trustee, Alva Foundation| Former Chairman, Coastal Dev Auth,K’taka| St Stephens | Goldsmiths Alum

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RT @tinucherian: RT @tinucherian: India Yesterday and India Today. #Ayodhya

Nivedith Alva (india) retweeted @njalva :

RT @njalva: Heartbreaking. This amazingly positive girl didn’t make it finally. Let this be a warning to all those who think the Covid19 virus is dangerous only for older people. RIP 🙏

RT @_pallavighosh: RT @_pallavighosh: @priyankagandhi writes to UP CM asking for release of dr kafil

RT @rachitseth: Instead of 136 Rafale aircrafts, 36 bought. Good for IAF that 5 have arrived, but after 5 years ! All 36 are likely to be delivered by Sept 2022 i.e 8.5 years after the order All Offset Obligations to be only met after 7 years of delivery of those 36, i.e 15.5 years later !

RT @soniafaleiro: Footage acquired by @nytimes refutes claims by @DelhiPolice that they used “maximum restraint.” Among other things, their use of tear gas in the library, violated UN guidelines.…

Nivedith Alva (india) tweeted :

Mayor of Bangalore seems to have cracked the code. Smell test will help identify Covid positive cases. Mayor of a Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

RT @alva_margaret: A Governor seizes to be a party man the moment he takes his oath of office. He has to uphold the constitution & follow the rule book. How can he refuse to call the assembly when the cabinet asks for it? Majorities are decided on the floor of the house and not in Raj Bhawans.

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RT @imsabbah: Also, let us look at the vast majority of children who study in govt schools/ rural/remote areas. Apparently the system needn't look at them at all. All the education in 2020 needs to be channeled (in the worst possible way) to privileged urban kids in posh schools.

RT @ayanmahapatra: @nivedithalva @Nidhi 💯... Parents will provide laptop, internet, study support and the school will do a few "in camera" apperance and charge the full fee. They aren't even refunding the amount charged for food!!

Nivedith Alva (india) tweeted :

Tiger Crouching Tiger Hidden Tiger Extinct Tiger