All deleted tweets from politicians

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nomfup (italia) retweeted @helenlewis :

RT @helenlewis: Thread (sorry). This piece by @TomMcTague was the best thing I read yesterday on John Hume, because instead of hailing him as a saint, it explored the compromises he had to make, and the controversy around some of his decisions.…

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RT @ProjectLincoln: RT @ProjectLincoln: We’re staying in the fight: to defeat Trumpism we must also defeat David Purdue. Let’s elect Jon Ossoff.…

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RT @chris_p_harris: Republicans sent John Cornyn out to troll @SenKamalaHarris while she explained in detail why their bill is a transparent effort to derail actual police reform. It did not go well.

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RT @chetempochefa: "Penso che sia una storia molto maschile, perché le donne lo sano già, sanno cos'è un disturbo alimentare. Se mio padre avesse letto un libro del genere sarebbe avuto uno strumento in più per affrontarla." Ambra Angiolini a #CTCF

nomfup (italia) retweeted @kevinroose :

RT @kevinroose: The "hidden earpiece" theory that's going viral on the right today is not even remotely new. It dates to at least 2000, when Rush Limbaugh accused Al Gore of getting talking points fed to him on "Meet the Press," and resurfaced in 2004, 2008, and 2016.…

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RT @nytimes: Three different studies published this summer found that masculine toughness correlated with negative feelings toward wearing masks.

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RT @therecount: RT @therecount: @cmclymer Watch Biden respond to the Trump administration's family separation policy: "It's criminal."…

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RT @JoeBiden: Tune in as @BarackObama sits down with community leaders in Philadelphia to talk about what’s at stake in this election.…

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RT @ShaunBaileyUK: There’s only one bake-off tonight. So take a look at the #GreatLondonBakeOff now — with special guests @SadiqKhan and @EstherMcVey1. You don’t want to miss this showstopper. #GBBO

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RT @postlive: Iceland Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir was discussing the coronavirus’ effect on the tourism industry and how the nation is approaching testing when she was interrupted by an earthquake. #postlive