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RT @RachaelMaskell: It is essential @UKLabour debate @LabGND at Conference. Our climate is in crisis, our environment is being torn up and secure, productive jobs are no where to be seen. Today I raised this in Parliament with regards to #BioYorkshire - York's GND. There is no time to be lost.

Clive Lewis MP (Labour) retweeted @LabGND :

RT @LabGND: Absolutely right @labourlewis 💯 And it's outrageous that the Labour leadership have overturned the possibility of members getting a chance to democratically debate the necessary solutions to the climate crisis!

The decision to rule the motion out of order should be reversed. Solidarity with members who have worked hard to get this motion to conference @LabGND

RT @jon_trickett: • HMRC are sending “nudge” letters to wealth non-doms gently reminding them to get their tax affairs in order • 75,000 non doms & £7.85bn in liable taxes My constituents don’t get nudge letters. We get the full force of the law. It should be the exact same for non-doms.

This broken system of pointless committees gives legitimacy to the cronyism, sleaze and dodgy lobbying that is polluting our democracy under Boris Johnson and the Tories. Labour will ban former Prime Ministers & Ministers from taking on lobbying gigs and clean up our politics.

RT @SkyeCity_: Just when I thought this scumbag Tory government couldn't stoop any lower, they're discussing reducing school meal portion sizes. Which fascist looks at families eating at foodbanks & kids raiding bins for scraps & says "You know what? I don't think we have enough child hunger?"

RT @SkyeCity_: My 7yo just had a meltdown re lockdown & told me what a horrible year this is. Between recovering from illness & juggling homeschooling, I hadn't considered how he might be coping. I feel terrible now. Kids might not be high-risk in this pandemic, but it impacts them emotionally.

RT @SkyeCitySeries: The NHS is for sale if the Tories win. You won't take it from me? Take it from former Tory Prime Minister John Major. "The NHS would be as safe as a pet hamster in the presence of a hungry python if Boris Johnson, Michael Gove & Iain Duncan-Smith rose to power following Brexit."

RT @justsomesomeone: RT @justsomesomeone: @GordonMarsden Thank you! Will do so right away!!

Liam Byrne (Labour) tweeted :

No strategy, no leadership, no updates - nothing to tell the family members of the 1,400 people we're supporting to leave #Afghanistan This government's management of the crisis has been a shambles