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Social Enterpriser. Campaigner. Labour MP for Huddersfield.

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RT @thom_brooks: This is a complete lie @Nigel_Farage - in fact, most claims for asylum in UK are rejected. What a hateful, dishonest person.…

Greener transport is one of the central components of sustainability. I urged the Government to make it mandatory for local authorities to implement strategies based on transport sustainability. We must be bolder to tackle #climatechange and to improve our air quality.

RT @KajEmbren: It's a need of a Pope to go bold about #cooperatives as a great idea....: cooperatives for clean energy against climate change - Vatican News… @ICALondon @JunagarhMedia @EURACTIV @CoopParty @CooperativesUK @CooperativeBank @SidaCarin @BarrySheerman

Presumably because they are true friends who refuse to join some howling mob!

RT @formallyhuman: @jonworth I take such joy in having seen all these Tory MPs come out in support of him, acting like the press were hounding the poor man, and then the Guardian just drops a late-Saturday night bomb making them all look (even more) like plonkers.

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: Treasury analysis shows leaving Europe could hit the economy by 3.6%, cutting jobs and increasing prices #StrongerIn h…

RT @StrongerInPress: RT @StrongerInPress: Read why it's more important than ever we remain close to Europe & promote an Open Britain htt…