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Labour & Co-op MP for Harrow West; Shadow Minister for International Trade. If you have a casework matter, please e-mail me on:

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It's high time we had a clear timescale for Credit Unions to be able to expand the services they offer. .@abculcus .@abculscotland .@ldncreditunion .@bristolCUltd .@londonmutualCU .@wcal .@CUmanchester .@credunionswales .@UnityCU .@StockportCU .@Heycreditunion .@eslcreditunion

Our key workers deserve a real pay rise: both to reward their incredible efforts and to support the wider economy as we rebuild and renew in the aftermath of #Covid. Join me in telling this Government – don’t freeze our key workers’ pay 👇

It would be completely unacceptable for Rishi Sunak to freeze public sector pay. In the most challenging public health crisis, it is key workers in Harrow and across the country that have been working tirelessly to keep our public services running & to keep our communities safe.

RT @margarethodge: I hope she dies soon. Dumb bitch. Member of a rich & powerful Jewish dynasty. Mossad agent. Liar. Rat. Old cunt. Snake. Nazi. Traitor. Zionist stooge. Evil personified. Cancer. Zionist hag. Pig. Infiltrator. Racist witch. Controlled & funded by Israel. Palestinian child murderer.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen many incredible local organisations, businesses & charities step up to support our local community. @TBBTcharity 🍞 is an impressive team, working hard to deliver a soup kitchen to the heart of Harrow’s Station Road.

As millions light their candles around the world, I wish everyone celebrating a Happy Diwali. 🪔 May the light continue to conquer darkness, good overcome evil and knowledge prevail over ignorance.

RT @ABCULScotland: Scotland’s 90 credit unions have a combined membership of more than 370,000 including more than 50,000 junior savers & a major economic importance to Scotland. Find your local credit union today #TalkMoney @MoneyPensionsUK

(5/5) In 2017 Ministers promised they would maintain existing trading arrangements "avoiding costly tariffs". Instead of sorting arrangements that avoid such damage to fair trade & development, that is exactly what .@trussliz seems determined on doing.…

(1/5) .@tradegovuk have now confirmed that if Ghana won’t cave in and sign a rollover trade agreement on their own, instead of with their West African neighbours, high tariffs will be applied to many of their key exports to the UK.