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RT @markdavies67: I think the first thing - the very first thing, which also needs to happen now, not later - is a sincere and profound apology to the Jewish community and a meaningful, robust plan to properly deal with antisemitism.…

RT @LittleGlassFilm: RT @LittleGlassFilm: @GarethThomasMP Hey Gareth, pls check out the trailer for award winning Harrow directors new film & say ur thoughts ht…

RT @LittleGlassFilm: RT @LittleGlassFilm: @GarethThomasMP Hi Gareth, pls support / retweet this stunning new film project from an awardwi…

RT @HarrowLabour: From today the @UKLabour policy for free 📺 TV licenses for pensioners comes to an end. A shameful move implemented by the Tories forced on the BBC. As Age UK says, “the principal responsibility lies with the government.” If only we had a Government that cared for our pensioners!

RT @VoteVinceBarry: On my coach journeys from #Plymouth to #Northumberland I often find my mind wondering to what impact #Brexit will have on the communities I pass through. It saddens me that despite most politicians saying it will make them worse off they refuse to back a #PeoplesVote on the deal

RT @VoteVinceBarry: Very proud that last night Devonport Branch Labour Party supported a motion calling for @UKLabour to support a #PeoplesVote on the final Brexit deal. After some intense but comradely debate the motion passed with members across the party's political spectrum voting in support!

RT @EmilyThornberry: RT @EmilyThornberry: And the govt has also cut Aid by £3Bn #snuckoutonlastday #wenotice

RT @GarethThomasMP: Funny how your tweets don’t appear to match up with your votes? 🤔 Last night you had the opportunity to keep the NHS off the table, your party whipped against it.