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RT @HarrowWestCLP: This Monday, 06/09 from 6PM, join @GarethThomasMP and @MPSWestHarrow Officers for a Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting as they discuss recent crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. 👮🏻‍♂️ 👮🏽‍♀️

RT @visitparliament: RT @visitparliament: Private guided tours for groups of up to 10 can now be booked on weekday mornings. https://t.c…

RT @zazedzee: RT @zazedzee: @GarethThomasMP good to see you at the mosque today Gareth. Great to hear the work you're doing at the mo

RT @LucyMPowell: . @BBCNewsnight has done important coverage of the #buildingsafetycrisis and I was pleased to join them in Manchester last night. Shameful that no government minister was on, which is symptomatic of their lack of leadership in addressing this scandal.

RT @ApprenticeTran: @GarethThomasMP Is there anything that we can do as public to put a stop to this? This is a massive cut to the public and #policing We need more time spent on crimes and shorter waiting time (not an hour for an 'S' grade). Surely a exists somewhere?

RT @NorthHarrowWard: We are deeply concerned that there appears to have been a fatality in North Harow at the junction of Station Road and Pinner Road. The area is currently closed off. We believe it was a vehicle collision with either a cyclist or pedestrian. 1/2

RT @MrsWheeble: RT @MrsWheeble: @StBernadettes60 Great work. Am sure will be applauded by all, including @BarryGardiner @GarethThomasMP @RCWestminster

RT @IanMurrayMP: The Scottish Government used to dine out on the GERS figures but they show the significant financial dividend of pooling and sharing resources across the U.K. Thats £billions for our NHS and other public services.

RT @tarajaneoreilly: Had a literal nervous breakdown at the end of July because I had neglected my mental health & taken on too much. Spent the whole summer in bed having panic attacks & vomiting. Know your signs & triggers & stop treating your mental health as an afterthought! #WorldMentalHealthDay

RT @BrendanChilton: I’ve been attacked for backing Labour in this election. During the election I ran Labour Leave- not Tory leave, not Brexit Party Leave. It was LABOUR Leave. This is a general election- it’s about more than just Brexit. I am Labour and I want a Labour government. Vote Labour!