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Labour/Coop MP Swansea West. Environmental, European & Wales Cttees; Chr Air Pollution APPG #PeoplesVote

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The Prime Minister is resigning so the only way to ‘future-proof’ her Deal, or any Deal, from change by her successors is by entrenching it with a Public Confirmatory Vote

Great to go to @RoyalMail sorting office in #Swansea then out and about doing the post with Christian. Our posties do a great job @CWUnews

People were given false promises and illegality in 2016 in an advisory referendum, so give the public the #FinalSay on the EU Deal on the table with the option to stay in the EU #Labour4ConfirmatoryVote

This is @theresa_may ensuring her prospective successors all campaign to support her Deal. Now only a united Labour opposition supporting a public vote can stop her bequeathing the UK a failing Brexit destiny @Peston

The drive to reduce costs has meant more plastic in our product

RT @Peston: These numbers still have to be verified. But what is striking is that even in strongly Leave areas, there was a pronounced swin…

RT @RCorbettMEP: Striking that the biggest gains are for the #StopBrexit LibDems and Greens - even in these elections that exclude London,…

Plastic is virtually free due to fossil fuel subsidies and should be taxed NOW. It’s not all people’s fault the planet is being destroyed- it’s weak government in the pockets of strong oil companies.

Science supports @ExtinctionRebellion zero carbon by 2025 not Climate Change Committee 2050 as global warming to breach the 1.5 °C level 10 years earlier by 2030 not IPCC 2040…

Glad the NEC has confirmed that a public vote on the EU Deal will be in our manifesto for the European elections. It’s right that everyone - leavers and remainers - should be given the #finalsay on our Brexit future with the right to remain in the EU.