All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour and Co-operative MP for Ilford South since 1992, re-elected June 8 2017 with 43,724 votes. Fanatical Hammer. Pro European. Things Can Only Get Better.

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RT @johnjohnstonmi: Department for Transport confirm that there are 89 lorries taking part in today's exercise (significantly less than the 150 they suggested previously) and that they are getting paid £550 each. So £48,950 to cause a traffic jam.....

RT @johnjohnstonmi: Here's the moment the three ex-Tory MPs walk to their new seats and shake hand with their new colleagues. It's a tiny clip but an extraordinary moment in British politics.

RT @Gedk: This evening, I have resigned as Shadow Defence PPS to vote in favour of the Lords EEA amendment. I have always said as an MP I will put the interests of my constituents first and I believe that means voting to maintain the closest possible relationship with the EU after Brexit.

RT @OliverMilne: The government has published a rebuttal to the Sunday Times piece, both are worth your time and your judgement, but given some of the absolutely vile stuff I’ve seen tweeted today about us sending PPE to China I think it’s worth highlighting this bit.

RT @Seyirhodes: RT @Seyirhodes: @MikeGapes Sick as dog over here. Well played you irons!

RT @matthewjames79: Weird to see all the Corbynistas complaining that Remain is the side of Blair, Campbell and Umunna but staying quiet on the fact that Leave is the side of Rees-Mogg, Raab, IDS, Leadsom, Johnson, Davis and Gove

RT @francesbarber13: This is great. But not one of those Corbynites EVER came to a Peoples March when there was enough time. Absolute hypocrisy.…

RT @francesbarber13: RT @francesbarber13: I love @MikeGapes. He told the vile SWP to bog off.

RT @timkmak: RT @timkmak: Trump is meeting with her today at around 10am, per pool…

RT @SpenceLivermore: This narrow bill disguises the breadth of May's objective: she wants a mandate for hard-right Tory policies, which Labour should deny her.