All deleted tweets from politicians

Very fortunate to have been the MP for Luton South 2010-19, and other things.

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Ministers would be far better to admit we have a testing bottleneck and it’s going to take significant time to ramp up. A charitable read of this could be talking up achievements in a bid to pressure the system into meeting their targets.

Tuesday night is chips night.

@jogreen1971 @davidsmuir It’s brilliant. Don’t give up.

RT @astro_timpeake: It's a bit cloudy over my house tonight, but if you have clear skies we're still getting some great #ISS passes over the #uk. Look to the south west at 19:57 and wave 👐

So I tweeted a thing and muted it and then remembered just now and then unmuted it and then promptly muted again.

@heidiallen75 Temp seems a little low; maybe double up on the timings too.

Strong supply teacher energy in the Number 10 weekend press conferences.

@MikeLiggins Now you don’t get home brew.

The present situation is sub-optimal. But seeds have been bedded; sour has been doughed; tray has been baked; home has been brewed.