All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour/Coop MP for Luton South, Shadow Water & Waste Minister, though more likely to tweet about kittens. Don't expect anything too intelligent from me on here.

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RT @Eve_Barlow: RT @Eve_Barlow: “David Cameron hates” in Google automatically fills “the poor”, “muslims”, “young people”. “David Cameron loves” produce ...

@youngvulgarian It’s okay you’ve got another day or so.

@rob_robkay @heidiallen75 In my seat, the Labour candidate backs Brexit. Supports it. Won’t fight it. Will support it again. A gateway to enabling a race to the bottom on environment, employment, free movement. I don’t have a tribe. But yeah, Kum Ba Yah.

Thanks to everyone for having us today and to Lantern and Hope Church for organising the event.

With the Labour candidate confirming their support for Brexit, it's clear that in Luton South it's a choice between Labour Brexit, Tory Brexit, Brexit Party Brexit OR me, the only Remain candidate who can win here.

It was really good to speak this morning at the @LANT_ern and @HopeChurchLuton hustings in Bury Park, with questions from women from faith and community organisations.

RT @jamesasm: RT @jamesasm: @gavinshuker But he isn't sorry

RT @SaxbyRose1: RT @SaxbyRose1: Can we just take a moment to appreciate David Budd wiping his shoes on the mat? #bodyguard

RT @Bharulata: I am a remainer and voted to remain. I am in support of @gavinshuker and admire him for his courage to leave the party where his principles were at conflict. I wish @gavinshuker very best. We need dynamic politicians like Gavin, help make him the winner.

RT @samthielman: RT @samthielman: this is literally the plot of The Matrix…