All deleted tweets from politicians

Very fortunate to have been the MP for Luton South 2010-19, and other things.

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We have such generous neighbours on space launch nights.

It’s Friday. Clearly it’s Friday.

@TomPurssey Presumably the launch rules at this stage prevent take off into darkness as well.

@TomPurssey Thanks, that’s perfect. Looking forward to explaining this to a six year old who stayed up late on Wednesday!

Does anyone know why the Demo-2 (SpaceX launch) backup slots are Sat and Sun - but not Thu and Fri? I realise it has to be launched into the trail of the ISS etc but surely it passes over Florida in that timescale.

@thhamilton This is ineffectual. They should really push the line that your car will die.

Space week continues.

Benicio del Toro is the best thing in License to Kill don’t @ me