All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour and Co-operative Candidate for Walthamstow in 2015. Sitting on the sidelines is for Waldorf and Statler...RT does not mean I agree, just that I read it..

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RT @mrsjacksoncooks: RT @mrsjacksoncooks: I am pissed off that women aren't making the same pay as men says @stellacreasy #womenandeconomy

RT @CllrTomHayes: Aung San Suu Kyi says Oxford means a lot to her. Rights mean a lot to @OxfordCity. Unless she acts, we'll withdraw her Freedom of the City.

RT @election_data: A searing piece of righteous anger from @JenWilliamsMEN . My blood is boiling. Balanced with absolute pride in Margaret Oliver and Joan Agoglia. A must read. "The children with no voice, the people who spoke up, and those who didn't listen"…

RT @TeamBSouth: RT @TeamBSouth: @stellacreasy @StMarysRespite tweet check for awesomestow locals in Time Out this week pg 13 deservedly so #bangon

RT @womensmarchlon: Equal rights on abortion and same sex marriage for the people of Northern Ireland. MPs are voting on this today .There is still time to email your MP and ask them to support @stellacreasy @ConorMcGinn 's amendment . Email link here 👇🏽…

RT @womensmarchlon: We're so lucky to have so many brilliant organizations coming together to support #BringTheNoise on July 13 when Trump visits. We can't wait to march with you @ActionAidUK @stonewalluk @SBSisters @fawcettsociety @hopenothate @GreenpeaceUK @EverydaySexism @4refugeewomen @inquest

RT @womensmarchlon: We're going to be sharing your photographs of #WomensMarchLondon January 21 2017 in the lead up to #BringTheNoise . This one is from Amanda Olsen. #BringTheNoise We're coming together again. We're going to be loud We're going to be heard. Join us…

RT @womensmarchlon: On July 13 ,We invite YOU (people of all genders, races, identities, ages, cultures and creeds) to join our resounding chorus and #BringTheNoise. We'll be taking to the streets again as President Trump visits the UK , creating a day of joy and love