All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Labour MSP for Coatbridge & Chryston & Central Scotland.

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RT @suzanne_moore: She makes embroidery FFS. Complain to the Royal Academy. They have painting in their collection by men who abused and murdered women? Are they too going to be cancelled.

RT @PGtwweets: @HotchkissRhona @theSNP Rhona, she couldn't even protect her own female politicians from misogynistic abuse and threats of violence from pro Self ID males so how the hell can she expect women to believe that she will once it's become law?

RT @PGtwweets: There's so many groups in Scottish society subjected to degrading, intrusive and traumatic processes just to exist. Why are we expected to accept our government prioritising predominantly white, middle class males over all others? Fuel poverty? Food poverty? Not SNP priorities.

RT @lorne_sausage: Is anyone seriously suggesting that these class conscious, switched on, passionate and ambitious young people deserved anything less than what their teachers predicted they would receive? #SQAResultsFiasco

RT @HolyroodJenni: Police Investigations and Complaints Commissioner resources ‘stretched to the limit’ by increased workload…

RT @HolyroodJenni: Very interesting, positive discussion at Scottish Parliament this evening with #MeghanMurphy on implications of trans self-ID for women's rights. Good to see MSPs from across parties there #MeghanSP @JoanMcAlpine

RT @CCriadoPerez: reading the (very good) @TheLancet series on miscarriage from April and this line ...since 2013, the data for hospital admissions for miscarriage are no longer included in the UK maternity statistic report", why aren't they??? @NHSuk

RT @rcpoliticsuk: RT @rcpoliticsuk: First Minister condemns anti-Catholic prejudice…

RT @CCriadoPerez: RT @CCriadoPerez: Would LOVE to know how many women were in the room when this got signed off @Channel4