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RT @_KerriPrince: nothing says lazy political commentary quite like saying Sunak's budget was like a Brown budget. A Brown budget would have included serious measures to tackle child poverty and inequality, and support for the many who aren't able to work.

RT @_KerriPrince: It was fun reuniting with my former boss @ACunninghamMP to do the BASW UK podcast hosted by @AndyMcClenaghan!

RT @_KerriPrince: RT @_KerriPrince: Tell us again how political corruption is a Westminster village story

RT @_KerriPrince: RT @_KerriPrince: can't believe The Queen has her own personal guitarist.

RT @_KerriPrince: RT @_KerriPrince: Let's be honest. If asylum seekers were travelling from UK shores to France, the UK Government would not stop them.

RT @_KerriPrince: RT @_KerriPrince: Anyone seen this Uxbridge resident today?

RT @_KerriPrince: Booked a day of leave to help mum with Etsy orders, so if you order anything before 2pm you can guarantee it'll be made by me đŸ¥° Would recommend the discounted christmas wax melts!…

RT @PeoplesMomentum: Chancellor Rishi Sunak, the richest man in Parliament and former investment banker said "he understood the pressures people were facing" Does Rishi understand the choice between heating and eating, school clothes and travel costs?…

RT @UKScouting: RT @UKScouting: If you're 18+ make sure you're registered to vote in the EU Referendum by 7 June. Register: https:/…

@Dienekes_ This really touched me deeply. Not because of what was happening at No 10 - just the anguish that poor woman suffered. I'm glad you offered her done comfort.