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Former Member of Parliament for Ynys Môn.

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RT @AllmanGareth: @VisitAnglesey @AlbertOwenMP @angleseycouncil Correction: Help us remain top of the recycling leader board as we are currently 1st place for household recycling in Wales 😉

RT @AllmanGareth: @angleseycouncil @dafyddrhys_d @SiannySykes @sascampaigns @RachSignFactory @CGD_Mon @VisitAnglesey @RhunapIorwerth @AlbertOwenMP @MonFMRadio @Mon_Actif take the lead and remove/replace plastic straws and cups from the sports centres and provide plastic recycling bins

RT @WG_EconomyMin: RT @WG_EconomyMin: RT @WelshGovernment: #DidYouKnow the value of Welsh exports to the US in 2013 was £3 billion? #WalesintheUS…

RT @louiseprenderg3: Organiser Dave Beck introduces @AlbertOwenMP and sets the scene #esrcfestival the role of UC, The poverty Premium, social housing, employment, and rural and urban issues

RT @UKBriefing: (Scotland) Westminster Voting Intention: SNP: 37% (-11) LAB: 25% (+5) CON: 22% (+1) LDEM: 10% (+6) GREEN: 2% (-3) Via @RedfieldWilton, 22 Feb Changes w/ 15 Feb.

Albert Owen (Labour) retweeted @pmpoc :

RT @pmpoc: The great Paul Robeson was born on this day in 1898, here he is in 1949 singing the Ballad of Joe Hill to a group of Scottish miners:

RT @voxscot: RT @voxscot: @nsoamesmp @johnmcternan Updated version of Chris Soames 1975 version "this is no time to be leaving a Xmas Club let alone EU"

Albert Owen (Labour) retweeted @photoglyn :

RT @photoglyn: That’s for sure - you’ve been an excellent MP Albert mate & an excellent voice for #ynysmon - thanks for all your amazing effort & I wish you all the very best for your future.…