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Standing to be re-elected as the Labour MP for Wirral South. Because our country can do better than this 🇬🇧❤ #forthemany

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RT @election_data: Great to hear @lisanandy say that Labour HQ should move out of London on the #MarrShow . Labour can put it's own house in order. It doesn't need to be in government to do that.

RT @election_data: RT @election_data: Post office closures the last three years:…

Alison McGovern (Labour) retweeted @Lunya :

RT @Lunya: We are still selling vouchers which help hugely with cash flow to pay wages. We are doing everything we can to be around when this finishes and use them. Also online for delvery across UK and from tomorrow meals to go in Liverpool, Wirral & Manchester ❤️

RT @ClareDevaney: "Every time I read a central Government document, I want to cry "WHERE ARE THE WOMEN"?!!" The brilliant @Alison_McGovern setting out the case for the two Cs - Care and Creativity as key drivers of economy & innovation 💥💥💥 #OneDay

RT @LFCIndia: RT @LFCIndia: Great work from the Reds so far!

RT @PickardJE: Alistair Darling says there’s a striking lack of global cooperation in dealing with coronavirus, pointing out that counties all acted “together” to tackle the financial crash a decade ago @BBCr4today

RT @itvpeston: “The easy thing to do is make your announcement, the difficult thing to do is to deliver it.” Alistair Darling on @RishiSunak’s #Budget2020 pledges. #Peston

RT @Alison_McGovern: Then @MikeAmesburyMP asks about child benefit & @MirrorPolitics #GivemeFive campaign. Sec of State says that it is not a targeted measure against child poverty. Totally disingenuous. Less targeted than other benefits, but easy to process and is a proven bulwark against poverty.

Alison McGovern (Labour) retweeted @drvox :

RT @drvox: Hillary tried to play this game her whole career. Don't respond, you're dodging. Respond, you're being defensive. Respond too softly & you should have been louder. Respond to loudly & you're shrill. Respond to X narrative & you just reinforce Y narrative. There. Is. No. Winning.

RT @icyminewsuk: Food parcels given out in 2009/10: 41,000 Food parcels given out in 2018/19: 1.5million Government study into the rise: Welfare minister hasn't even heard of it.…