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Proud Labour MP for Ashton, Droylsden and Failsworth. I am standing to be the next Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party. Email:

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RT @Arran8: Amazing to meet @AngelaRayner in Cambridge tonight. Great message of bringing the Party together and cradle to grave education 🌹

RT @CRTomsett90: RT @CRTomsett90: Had the super opportunity to meet @AngelaRayner & have some important questions answered re the future of education https:…

RT @MartinWilliamJ: @AngelaRayner was absolutely amazing this morning on @timesredbox podcast. The passion she has for her community is outstanding #Lab17

RT @MattKerrLabour: Absolutely no hesitation in backing my friend and comrade @AngelaRayner for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. An excellent trades unionist and campaigner who embodies the best of the labour movement πŸ‘‡join the campaign here!

The PM is woeful again today at #PMQs he thinks he’s a Vaudeville act with his Tory MPs behind acting like it’s a pantomime, guffawing, accompanied by false laughing at his corny hackneyed attempts at humour to cover up his dreadful non answers to serious issues that addressing.

18th June 1984, the battle of Orgreave took place, 123 miners were seriously injured that day. I support the campaign for a full public enquiry to establish the truth about what happened. It will not cease until justice is done. 36 years is too long to wait. #JusticeforOrgreave

RT @lzykly: Campaigning for #EducationNotSegregation with @StevenageLabour today! Thank you @AngelaRayner for taking a stand! #NoNewGrammars

From one Mancuian free school meal kid to another I just want to say that you've done us proud @MarcusRashford. I'm pleased the government has u-turned today and now let's work to make sure no child in our country goes hungry. #HolidaysWithoutHunger

RT @LukePollard: The lockdown has caused there to be more incidents of animal abuse. Today, we're calling on the government to show some leadership and increase sentences for those convicted of animal cruelty. Here's @AngelaRayner and I explaining more πŸ‘‡

Marvin is right that we have to challenge the wider inequalities and structural barriers that exist in our society and institutions #BlackLivesMattter