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Labour MP for Sefton Central and Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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RT @LaughingDevil1: @LilianGreenwood @Bill_Esterson in general though she has worked for many small businesses, all of whom have to pay big ones in 0-30 days while big ones pay in 90+!

RT @LaughingDevil1: @LilianGreenwood @Bill_Esterson and often have to be chased multiple times for payment, wasting precious time. I am talking all major supermarkets here for starters!

RT @LaughingDevil1: @LilianGreenwood @Bill_Esterson Sadly, like many in her profession, she is bound by a professional bodies code of conduct that would stop her working again if she did!

RT @GarethThomasMP: We could find no reason to justify the demutualisation of .@LV or its sale to US private equity firm Bain Capital. It's leadership have not been open or transparent with members. Urgent reform of the rules governing mutuals is needed.…

RT @BarristerSecret: Top tip for law students: Shouting "Agree to my demands or I'll make you pay" will not score you highly in your Negotiation exam.

RT @CllrNickSmall: Starmer’s leadership one year in. Two take always: - Starmer inherited a Labour Party more than 20 points behind the Tories. He’s closed that gap to 6 points. - Starmer is well outpolling Corbyn one year in - and performing better than Miliband was after a year.

RT @ThatTimWalker: RT @ThatTimWalker: Fair comment in the FT on the #RaceReport.

RT @Channel4News: “Do me the favour of working a bit harder and calling me a British-Indian.” Race report commissioner Samir Shah tells @krishgm 'BAME' should not be used as we don’t need a word to mean “non-white” anymore.

RT @cdobbolpool: I was mayor of Sefton’s attendant for 5 years I met a lot of people from all main political parties, charities ect across Sefton. I can say now that @LizSavagelabour is the best candidate for #Southport she will reform not only the fairness in society but the Southports heritage

RT @cdobbolpool: RT @cdobbolpool: I have the iron men cushions! High quality! Love them still!