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Labour MP for Sefton Central

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Bill Esterson (Labour) retweeted @ewanmcg :

RT @ewanmcg: The Lib Dem’s shouldn’t get to pose as anti #Brexit pioneers: Nick Clegg’s 2010 manifesto was the first to offer an in-out referendum on the EU. #newsnight

RT @obsefton: RT @obsefton: In Sefton that means voting for Labour in Bootle, Sefton Central and Southport. #TacticalVoting…

RT @obsefton: Senior official at the Food Standards Agency acknowledged the incidence of food poisoning in the US is approximately ten times higher there than in the UK. Chlorinated chicken: ‘Broiler belt’ sheds where 20,000 birds struggle for space | News | The Times…

RT @obsefton: The latest YouGov MRP shows Southport to be a 2 way battle between Labour and the Tories. People here must #VoteTactically for Labour to stop the Tories winning.

RT @obsefton: To clear up any confusion from the incorrect PV tactical voting recommendation earlier today, here is confirmation that the PV candidate for Southport is Labour’s Liz Savage.

RT @obsefton: Just a reminder about Brexit MEP Alexandra Phillips’s appearance on Channel 4 news, before she appears on a BBC News election programme later today. Brexit Party MEP worked for Cambridge Analytica – Channel 4 News…

RT @obsefton: Based upon its assessment of the latest polling data, the People’s Vote campaign has changed its recommendation of the candidate best placed to prevent a Tory majority in Southport to the Labour candidate, Liz Savage. #tacticalvoting

RT @obsefton: The coach from Sefton is on the way to what promises to be a momentous March in London today! #PVroadtrip@damienmooremp⁩@Bill_Esterson⁩@Peter_Dowd⁩

RT @obsefton: ⁦⁦@Bill_Esterson⁩ @JohnWrightLD⁩@LizSavagelabour⁩ Speaking against the prorogation of Parliament in Southport today.

RT @obsefton: The people of Sefton are appalled by the undemocratic prorogation of Parliament. Cross party support at this demo. MPs must sit and be heard during this crisis!