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Chris Elmore MP

Welsh Labour MP for Ogmore | Opposition Whip | Chair, @socialmediaAPPG | GMB Union | Procedure Select Cmmt | email

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Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

Agree with colleagues that @WelshLabour leadership election should reflect the Wales of today. Unthinkable in 2018 not to include a female candidate. Only AMs can nominate, so crucial @ElunedMorgan is nominated by another AM. Right thing for our movement and the country.

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

Loving #BackInTimeForTheFactory on @BBCWales - incredible to see early days of GMB Union, life before Health and saftey act and the campaign for #equalpay - sadly still not sorted! Brill TV will fab @MissAlexjones

RT @JamesLiamCook: You can read our full story on the government's misuse of Trello here:……

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

As a former Cllr I know all too well the pressures that #localgovernment in Wales face, which is why I am supporting @unisontweets #SaveOurLocalServices campaign. This Tory Govt must release more funding to @WelshLabour Govt so that they can continue to invest in our communities.

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

I’m at a total loss as to why @RosieDuffield1 is facing this. She should have nothing but total support from her local party. Rosie is an incredibly hard work MP, champions #Canterbury in Parliament and stands up for #Labour values day in day out in Parliament.

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

Found #mightyredcar humbling, & harrowing but inspirational to. Rooting for everyone of the young people & those supporting them. Dylan’s belief that he’s ‘lucky’ to not be on drugs, prison or dead, shows how unequal our society is. Could easily be South Wales.

RT @SimonThomasAC: Just think, the workers of north Wales elected two Assembly Members from this party. This is how they get repaid: one Me…

RT @HLFCymru: Celebrations 🎉 are in order for @BGCWales! £50k #NationalLottery funding is about to turn their dreams 💭 into reality 💪 with…

Chris Elmore MP (Labour) tweeted :

Boris is not stupid, he’s a calculated politician. His #Islamophobia is clear to see He believes his hateful pile to be populist - an election winner even. It’s poison, nothing more Tories should suspend & investigate him, not just ask for an apology…

RT @GMBWSW: One of ours & one of the best 🧡🧡 We’re backing @carolyn4deputy @carolynharris24 for #Welsh Labour deputy leader…