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chi onwurah

Labour Member of Parliament for Newcastle Central & Shadow Minister for Industrial Strategy

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RT @RosamundUrwin: Lucky voters of Richmond: you can now reject Zac Goldsmith three times in 13 months.

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RT @domjoly: Remembering the eve of the Somme really puts the petty politics of recent days in perspective #somme100

RT @Markfergusonuk: I’m sorry @ZacGoldsmith but you are an utter scumbag, and a disgrace to the city that I call home…

chi onwurah (Labour) tweeted :

I'm going to be vlogging election updates over the next few weeks. Here's the real reason Theresa May has called……

RT @robnewman30: Have a swift read of @labourlewis' speech today on industrial strategy - good outreach to business, great policy on energy

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RT @ChriswMP: Representing my home city in parliament was a privilege. To have the chance to do so again would be a great honour https://t.…

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RT @ChriswMP: Govt spends £25bn in housing benefit subsidising private landlords to keep rents high thanks to Tory deregulation

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RT @ChriswMP: We’ve now got 1,067 signatures for the #Bombardier campaign petition. Just 98,933 to go! Please sign now

RT @ChiOnwurah: A year's suspension will not cleanse the taint of his comments from our Party. Everyone in the Labour movement des…

RT @kentonschool: Well done to Elena, Lauren and Muzoon on been recognised at the Newcastle Schools Achievement Awards.…