All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Oldham East & Saddleworth. 🌹 Former Public Health consultant. Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health. For support, email

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RT @kasiewasie: RT @kasiewasie: @Debbie_abrahams It’s just a shame @Keir_Starmer has been silent on the matter.

To all Muslims celebrating both in Britain and across the world – we wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr. #EidMubarak

RT @WebAppUK: RT @WebAppUK: @Debbie_abrahams It's a pleasure having him with us! He has done brilliant with everything he has put his hand to ◽ https://…

RT @WebAppUK: RT @WebAppUK: Inspiring and passionate talk from Marzia Babakarkhail at @Debbie_abrahams Summer School celebration event.

RT @WebAppUK: Thank you @Debbie_abrahams for the certificate. We love giving young people the opportunity to learn through a business environment.

RT @WebAppUK: RT @WebAppUK: @Debbie_abrahams Thanks Debbie! (this is Sean)

RT @Deadhead_dreams: RT @Deadhead_dreams: Well I found the polling station at a place called Fountain of Hope. Voted for @Debbie_abrahams and now hope for a Lab…

RT @Puffles2010: RT @Puffles2010: "We are wasting an enormous pool of talent by not encouraging women to enter and stay in [science]"…

RT @sueDavies4: RT @sueDavies4: @Andy4Leader Andy has my 1st preference vote....leyther for PM