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Diana Johnson MP ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ˜ท๐ŸŒˆ


Labour MP for Hull North since 2005. Strong tea, crime novels & black labradors. โ€œNothing like a Dameโ€ Casework please email: Johnsond@Parliament.UK

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RT @VictoriaPeckham: RT @VictoriaPeckham: Would President Hillary Clinton have left the women of Afghanistan to illiteracy, sexual enslavement and murder?

RT @VictoriaPeckham: Women in Poland are fighting to save their reproductive rights. Women die in backstreet abortions. Women are forced to carry unviable foetuses to full term. Amnesty International canโ€™t even say the word โ€œwomenโ€. Language matters. If you canโ€™t name a thing, how can you fight it?

RT @KeeganTinnes: RT @KeeganTinnes: When you dress up as your dogs favorite toy for Halloween.. IM CRYING โ—ฝ

@RishiSunak @HouseofCommons This follow the letter from Hull MPs to Ministers last week setting out seven tests for what genuine #LevellingUp would mean for Hull's transport infrastructure -โ€ฆ

In today's @HouseofCommons Urgent Question about NHS funding, I raised the importance our NHS and Social Care workforce and again put forward the idea of having an #NHS and #SocialCare #Covenant along the same lines as the Armed Forces Covenant and the planned Police Covenant.

RT @itsapaworld: RT @itsapaworld: Missing socks? Havenโ€™t seen em

Diana Johnson (Labour) retweeted @jonfavs :

RT @jonfavs: RT @jonfavs: America is already great.โ€ฆ

RT @SpringKirsty: Good morning Twitter!! Day off from work today, so delivering 13 BURSTING bags of Uniform to 10 addresses in HU3, HU4, HU5, HU6, HU7, and HU9!! See you all soon!! @EmmaHardyMP @KarlTurnerMP @DianaJohnsonMP @SkintDad

RT @Hull_Trains: Hull Trains is offering free travel to & from Remembrance services on Sunday 14th November to current serving military personnel. Free travel will be offered to those in current serving personnel uniform or on presentation of a Ministry of Defence issued identity card.

RT @elashton: RT @elashton: Heartfelt tribute to late Labour MP Paul Goggins, who died two years ago, from Speaker John Bercow. #PMQs