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Two years ago today Boris Johnson promised us he had prepared a plan to fix social care. Share his plan using this link

This week I met with members of @magic_breakfast 's Youth Campaign team fighting hard so there is #NoChildTooHungryToLearn 📚🍎. We owe it to every hungry child to listen to these voices. Ask your MP to join us 👉…

RT @MrGlenBuchanan: @actionforme @EmmaLewellBuck Again you're so right @EmmaLewellBuck. My quality of life and potential is worth so much more than the woefully pathetic ONE POUND being spent on research per sufferer each year. This is massively less than equally or less diaabling illnesses. We deserve better. Now.

RT @MrGlenBuchanan: @actionforme @EmmaLewellBuck @EmmaLewellBuck you're spot on Emma. The belittling and sneering makes a very challenging, painful illness so much harder to deal with. It is time for a step change. We people with M.E. deserve respect and care.

RT @MrGlenBuchanan: @EmmaLewellBuck If those with their hands on purse strings/strategy documents at @DHSCgovuk @NICEcomms @PHEngland can sit & watch stories of people struggling with M.E., like this from today's #MEdebate, and not be moved to stop the appalling neglect of people with M.E. then you're in wrong job

RT @ethelilly1: RT @ethelilly1: @EmmaLewellBuck @UKLabour me too and quite a few people said they'd already been #hope

1.7 million children who count on #FreeSchoolMeals 🍎 during the school year could go hungry this summer. Together with @NEUnion & @NoChildBehindUK I've sent a letter to @BorisJohnson urging him to extend FSM over the summer holidays. Sign to support✍️…

@Maxryell I know and I don’t have time to spend hours on Facebook, that is what I ask people to come to my open forums or contact for a chat thanks

@imchloegrant No, I spoke about this last week on regional radio. I have always said lift them and but keep reasonable and sensible public health measures in place such as mask wearing.

RT @Kelly_AtWork: RT @Kelly_AtWork: Thanks to @EmmaLewellBuck - incredible support once more for life changing #ncs programme. #ncssouthtyneside > https://t.…