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Labour MP for South Shields Contact me at or 07933725099

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Word perfect, comforting and reassuring thank you HRH◽#QueensSpeech

RT @stevemaybury: @EmmaLewellBuck They'll use woolly words such as 'service' and 'outcomes' but surely - SURELY - it's 100% about cost-cutting. Not good enough.

My latest Gazette column. Coronavirus and a thank you to the people of Shields. Keep being kind and stay safe. EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: | Shields Gazette…

My latest Gazette column. Coronavirus and a thank you to the people of South Shields. EMMA LEWELL-BUCK: | Shields Gazette…

RT @SopranosHebburn: @EmmaLewellBuck Delighted to announce we're playing at Bents Park, South Shields 24th June as part of Armed Forces Day, full day of events happening 10am til 5pm,we're on stage about 1:30, classic cars 'n bikes,funfair, music,food etc organised by the Badlanders Motorcycle Club.

RT @westoetravel: We are very grateful and appreciate our local MP for #SouthShields @EmmaLewellBuck taking the time to call us today to listen to the issues facing the travel industry due to coronavirus issues

I signed up this am 👇if you are able to please consider it to help our NHS hero’s and our community. Stay safe everyone. GoodSAM

RT @SandyDancer4: @EmmaLewellBuck Not a Labour supporter but I think you are a great MP for South Shields. Bullying and intimidation at ballots is a disgrace. Take it further Emma, shame and embarrass them. Name and shame, get the names out there. They think they have a personal kingdom, the local mafia

RT @lynbrownmp: @VaseemKhanUK Absolutely recommend. Thoroughly enjoyed this, as I have the rest of series along with work book club. One member was wanting us to read dark dystopian to see us through next months but was drowned out a chorus of others insisting we had to have more Ganesh & baby elephants x

RT @StephenMorganMP: The Government must ensue the most effective action is taken to protect people in every community for reasons of public health, and social justice. Thank you to @EmmaLewellBuck for coordinating this letter to @hmtreasury which I have signed in support for #Portsmouth people