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Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland since 2005.

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RT @thekettles2: @HelenGoodmanMP @EmilyThornberry Isn’t that why this government of multi millionaires want a hard Brexit to escape the new anti tax avoidance laws coming from EU?

RT @declanpgarvey: NEW: Rudy Giuliani meant to call Sen. Tommy Tuberville to ask him to object to 10 states' electoral votes, to buy Team Trump more time. He accidentally left a voicemail on a different senator's phone. We have the audio. From @stephenfhayes.…

RT @EmmaKennedy: There’s an air of “this was all inevitable and there was nothing any of us could have done differently” creeping in to the national discourse. Don’t let it. There was another way and lots of other nations took it and are out the other end with minimal deaths.

RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: Tell you what though, If Owen can dispatch Jeremy, he won't spook the Shires of England. And it may well be game on, Torie…

RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: Good to see this govt have got their priorities right…*face palm*…

RT @EmmaKennedy: WARNING! I am acutely aware of people suddenly following who only joined twitter in April with 8 numbers in their username. Bots were used in the run up to the Brexit vote. They’re doing it again.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

When I talk about this is the sort of thing I mean.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :


RT @idilsukan: RT @idilsukan: Specsavers' new advert

RT @WillWearmouth: RT @WillWearmouth: @ChiswickFox @HelenGoodmanBA What’s the answer to her question?