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Helen has been the Member of Parliament for Bishop Auckland since 2005 and is currently on the Treasury Select Committee

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RT @JDavidGibson: @DehennaDavison @HelenGoodmanBA If you phone 111 as they can’t see your finger there will be an assumption you might need professional treatment and someone needs to look at it, they haven’t really got any choice. If everyone who needs a plaster on their finger phones 111 there won’t be an NHS.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Another triumph for the Duke of Wellington.

RT @PJTheEconomist: Again claiming increase in minimum wage is worth £1000 to a full time worker. Worth about £700 after tax and NI, and less than £300 to anyone on Universal Credit

RT @PJTheEconomist: Not much of a boast really to say that school spending per pupil will return to 2010 levels. A decade and a half without growth is quite a thing

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Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

Total disgrace. Human rights abuse of the most vulnerable. How can this be legal.

RT @lynbrownmp: Spoke today in support of the @POAUnion campaign to look again at the pension age for prison officers. Prison officers can't be expected to restrain prisoners safely at the age of 68, it's a fiction to believe they can, and simply unfair.

RT @Tron1993: We have a great panel coming up. Great former MPs talking about how to regain their area. @_MWhitfield, @HelenGoodmanBA and hopefully @NicDakin55

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :

I agree with Andy.

Helen Goodman (Labour) tweeted :