All deleted tweets from politicians

MSP for East Lothian Constituency. Scottish Labour Spokesperson for Education. Chair @hibsincommunity

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Iain Gray (Labour) retweeted @colettemcd :

RT @colettemcd: Thank you to @IainGrayMSP for coming to visit the @MNDScotland stand at the @scottishlabour conference in #dundee #CureMND

RT @chris_scotsman: RT @chris_scotsman: Front page of today's @TheScotsman - Pupils face 'part time' school as staffing crisis grows… ht…

RT @chris_scotsman: .@JennyMarra, convener of @SP_PAPLS, says the committee was "entirely underwhelmed by the accuracy and reliability" of evidence from members and former members of the @ScotPolAuth earlier today.

RT @ChurchSociety01: RT @ChurchSociety01: This afternoon representatives from the Education Committee are meeting with @IainGrayMSP

Iain Gray (Labour) retweeted @mikeygala :

RT @mikeygala: RT @mikeygala: I've voted @theSNP for over 20 years. Never again. Totally ignored their own consultation.…

Iain Gray (Labour) retweeted @thistlejohn :

RT @thistlejohn: Happy to be corrected but I doubt there’s another charity CEO or children’s advocate who’s overseen as big an impact as Duncan. He did a lot of it by stepping back and letting young people speak for themselves. What a job he & they have done

Iain Gray (Labour) retweeted @SCPO_ :

RT @SCPO_: In this wk's Budget debate @ScotParl @IainGrayMSP proposed a budget that could lift thousands of children+their families out of poverty by boosting Child Benefit #GiveMe5 @GM5Scot

RT @BrianWilson1967: RT @BrianWilson1967: Scots Govt's answer to shameful ed stats is to stop publishing them- doesn't help kids who can't read,write or count h…

RT @BrianWilson1967: This goes to the heart of why council services are in such dire straits, to the detriment of those who depend on them most. As Iain says, the cuts to local government have been wildly out of proportion to anything suffered by the Scottish Government budget.…

RT @BrianWilson1967: RT @BrianWilson1967: Government by press release - delivery zero. Exclusive: SNP's £12m retraining fund delivers to less than 100 people ht…