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Ian Austin

MP for Dudley, the greatest place in the world. Constituents can email me at if they need my help.

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Ian Austin (Labour) replied to @lowcarbGP :
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@Billukip Apart from hammering you several times.

@lazaroumterror Will you be showing your kids your earlier tweet “father”?

@RoganPearman @Baddiel @Jigsawman2014 Just shows how far in advance they plan the conspiracy. Unbelievable really.

RT @IanAustinMP: And what about the central question which is whether you really believe Jeremy & John stand in the tradition of the great…

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RT @JohnMannMP: Somebody needs to send @OwenJones on a Labour history course. More time needed reading and less twittering perhaps. Pretty…

RT @ExpressandStar: A great shot here of @IanAustinMP from today's Round the Wrekin ride. For our gallery of pictures from the event visit:…

RT @BarrieBromley1: @IanAustinMP Wilkinsons on old Gaumont site. I saw the Beatles and the Rolling Stones each on their first tours.