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Ian Lucas MP

Proud to be Labour MP for Wrexham. Please contact me by email on if you want to get in touch.

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RT @henrymance: Nine days is a long time in journalism - from Private Eye

Ian Lucas (Labour) tweeted :

Michelle Cripps of Gwersyllt was hit hard by the Tories. This is her @wrexham Story…

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RT @Ian_Fraser: Amazing how these stories were snuck out on Budget day ◙ Osborne's Blackrock jackpot ◙ David Cumming quits SLI ◙ RBS execs'…

RT @labour_first: Join Labour First and @ProgressOnline for the @Lab3seats Challenge. This week we're campaigning in Wrexham, Chester…

RT @stevesrightfoot: @IanCLucas Will it be uk wide

RT @aec_engineering: Nice little picture of what I believe to be the Promotion Squad 2016/17! @WSTtweets @Tada1973 @The_Maesgwyn https://t.…

RT @carolinewxm77: @IanCLucas Do you know if BT are meant to be taking phone boxes away from Caia park?

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RT @DMR1864: @Mr__Talwar @IanCLucas I voted remain. Who is looking after me? Or do I not matter?

Ian Lucas (Labour) retweeted @Mr__Talwar :

RT @Mr__Talwar: @IanCLucas A little short sighted @IanCLucas . Regardless of her personal views, @theresa_may is acting on the majority voi…