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Proud to be Member of Parliament for the great people and great Constituency of my home - Gateshead - For Casework please email:

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@ChrisDHWaugh He may well, in his own mind, be the right man to be leading a calamitous club, in a calamitous way, but where is he lead the club to, exactly?

RT @anth_ix: RT @anth_ix: @IanMearnsMP Why are Jewish schools not closed in Gateshead?

RT @AdamClery: RT @AdamClery: Been brilliant, this. @LukeEdwardsTele and @IanMearnsMP especially insightful @northcorr

RT @GFoodbank: You can still donate safely and convenient to your local #foodbank during the current lockdown. @bankuetuk makes the process quick and simple. Visit to find out more and donate to help support local people in financial crisis. 💻🥫🛒🚚👨‍👧‍👦

RT @tell_jamie: RT @tell_jamie: Great to see this @IanMearnsMP You’re my local MP and I volunteer with AOHL too :)…

RT @ScouseGirlMedia: OMG. Watch this. Boris Johnson came face to face with proper journalism today. And he didn’t cope well. At all. #GE2019

RT @ScouseGirlMedia: It can be unnerving travelling on empty or near-empty trains at any time of day. Please help to #KeepTheGuardOnTheTrain

RT @MiddletonMurray: Angela met with the #Education Select Committee member and Labour MP, @IanMearnsMP, at @UKParliament this morning 👋🇬🇧

RT @ShineTRodriguez: RT @ShineTRodriguez: @IanMearnsMP I'm a Paralympic swimmer living with #hydrocephalus. Can you RT and support? You can also follow me on @T…

This year the Tories have: 💸 Wasted and mismanaged billions of pounds 📉 Left us with the worst downturn in the G7 ⚠️ Created a jobs crisis Their irresponsible choices are holding Britain back.