All deleted tweets from politicians

Jamie Reed

Member of Parliament for Copeland. Red Leader, Rebel Alliance

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Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @GBACLB :

RT @GBACLB: Proud to back a strong UK in an uncertain world, and support Trident renewal. #RenewTrident Fantastic article,…

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @JGBACLB :

RT @JGBACLB: @jreedmp Thank you!! 😆 I'm not leaving, we can't give up on Labour, because then we'd be giving up on what the British people…

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @T_RRed :

RT @T_RRed: New favourite website:

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @T_RRed :

RT @T_RRed: @jreedmp mustard-coloured cords?

RT @IRA_BaseCamp: @jreedmp Come back Jamie , can I tempt you with shadow chancellor.

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @CSWDepEd :

RT @CSWDepEd: Fun fact: Treasury makes @FullFact submit FOIs because press team won't speak to them. Ace interview…

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @aljwhite :

RT @aljwhite: "And did you say Britain wiretapped you?" (Mumbles) "Kind of." "And what do we call that?" (Mumbles) "Fake news" https://t…

RT @simonblackwell: @chrisdeerin The word 'traitor' being bandied around so often lately, from right and left, is a horrible development.

Jamie Reed (Labour) retweeted @ThomSnape :

RT @ThomSnape: Corbyn used to like Pfizer and its R and D capabilities What changed? Political convenience? #Owen2016 #SavingLabour https:/…