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Labour MP born and bred in East Hull, for East Hull. Shadow Minister - Legal Aid. Stella’s dad, wife Leanne. Socialist. Lawyer. Visiting fellow @LeedsBeckett.

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RT @Frodo_underhill: Shame a former advocate could answer in this way. Clearly he has lost touch with the professions, puts his junior minister pieces of silver ahead of all else and spins the "support" as something we should all be grateful for. Utter contempt being shown to us all

RT @CrimeLineLaw: RT @CrimeLineLaw: Legal Aid Funding – Parliamentary Question, 14 July 2020 @KarlTurnerMP…

RT @thebarcouncil: RT @thebarcouncil: Overwhelming support?

RT @tonyshoey: RT @tonyshoey: I wish Dave had left Gideon in the bogs when they were at Oxford.

RT @nadeem_murtuja: RT @nadeem_murtuja: @OwenJones84 @KarlTurnerMP exactly. IFS attacks credibility of Tory economic plan. Public sector and welfare to be dec…

RT @CPJElmore: .@AnnelieseDodds absolulty right on @BBCr4today to say the furlough scheme needs to continue for some sectors beyond October, too many including hospitality, beauty & manufacturing need time to recover. Gov’t need to stop thinking a one size fits approach will work.

RT @IanJonno: RT @IanJonno: @KarlTurnerMP Not happy here with KC, constant disconnects and they tell me to unscrew my socket and doing that will disco ...

RT @thom_brooks: RT @thom_brooks: @KarlTurnerMP @ed_miliband Excellent job by Miliband today giving a real voice to real concerns