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RT @martinangus: As the government defend their plans for compulsory Photo ID to vote it’s worth remembering in a pilot, Tory run Bromley council refused to accept student photo ID cards but were happy to accept a gun license as proof of ID. Tell me again this isn’t about voter suppression.

Kate Hollern MP (Labour) tweeted :

This is beginning to feel like a local lockdown in all but name. Additional support for testing, welcome though it is, isn't going to make a dent on the rising level of infections in Blackburn, Lancashire and Manchester. 1/

RT @PeterStefanovi2: Conservative MP Lucy Frazer on #bbcqt citing Boris Johnsons pledge of £14bn over 3 years for schools as evidence of his intention to level up. Paul Johnson, Director of IFS has described that figure as “somewhere between meaningless and misleading”.…

RT @paulwaugh: RT @paulwaugh: Govt says you *can* visit family in Bolton etc, but *shouldn't*. Public may just think it's chaos.…

RT @helenpidd: Bolton council leader David Greenhalgh says he is relieved to be able to reassure people that there are "no added restrictions coming to Bolton and there's no local lockdown." Says the emphasis must be on surge vaccinations and surge testing rather than lockdown.

RT @JackShaw93: Looking forward to discussing our new research on out-of-area temporary accommodation with @Siobhain_Mc, @Semakaleng and @RossGarrod. It affects around 50,000 Londoners a year and some families are sent hundreds of miles away.👇…

RT @mickey_keller: THREAD on the Jewish Chronicle front-page: I don’t usually tweet and it is unspeakably depressing that this is my first foray but here we are. Jeremy Corbyn never “laid a wreath to honour terrorists”. He attended a ceremony at a cemetery in Tunis to commemorate those killed 1/9

Kate Hollern MP (Labour) tweeted :

Another lockdown in Blackburn isn't the answer. I strongly oppose it. The Government needs to act quickly - and proportionately - and make surge vaccinations available in areas like Blackburn with the Indian variant.

RT @tpgcolson: Geoffrey Cox asks Grieve: "What legal right does the government have to require employees to give up ... personal mobiles?" A question that might also be directed at Dom Cummings, who fired Sajid Javid's spad last week after scanning through her private mobile phone.