All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour MP for Worsley & Eccles South, Shadow Mental Health & Social Care Minister.

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RT @mancunianmedic: when will they learn at #dailybriefings that just quoting giant numbers on PPE, testing, funding for vaccine research is not only 1. Utterly meaningless to the public 2. Looks stupid if people on the ground say "But we haven't got any kit/can't get tests" etc? Comms failure

RT @mancunianmedic: great soundbite from @ayeshahazarika on @SkyNews "The Tories have thrown a protective ring around Dominic Cummings but they wouldn't throw one around care homes"

RT @LAnthonyFarley: Perhaps he could at least take his #PrideInTheNHS badge off before ignoring the homophobia and misogyny of political appointees? Or better yet, speak out against such appointments?

RT @mancunianmedic: Matt Hancock on bbc radio 5 this morning A" tried to take credit for Tories in creating NHS. B: when asked what NHS biggest challenge didnt mention workforce or capacity but "taking individual responsibility for own health" and personalised prevention. You couldnt make it up

RT @mancunianmedic: Health Apps? Brilliant! Telecare? Brilliant! Telehealth? Brilliant! A.I.? Brilliant? Genomes for sale? Brilliant! Open door to health-tech profiteers? Brilliant! Jobs for MPs & Officials after Whitehall? Dodgy Infomercials? Brilliant! Evidence, Scrutiny Evaluation? Not so much!

RT @mancunianmedic: thread in total support and defence of my nursing colleagues. The biggest and most trusted staff group in the NHS. I am glad i have got that off my chest.…

RT @mancunianmedic: #panorama as an NHS doctor working with older people and their carers daily and with social care teams this show is a very measured and fair representation of the awful impact of cuts on local government and adult social care and on real lives. I am glad it's being publicised

RT @mancunianmedic: I am doing background for feature on impact of those annual messages put out by national/local nhs leaders about "see your pharmacist,this number, your GP, this website, walk in centre, self care but whatever you do, don't come to A&E". Any evidence it works? (Local or national)

RT @mancunianmedic: So - for clarity, the "root and branch review" of hospital food was announced well before Boris was Prime Minister in response to Listeria Sandwich Gate. It is being led by Philip Shelley former head of hospital caterers association and Prue is to be an "advisor". Spin central

RT @mancunianmedic: RT @mancunianmedic: this is just the kind of thing I (and not original in doing so) discussed here a few years back…