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Independent Adviser to UK Government on Antisemitism. Still not scared to say how it is. Contact via

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RT @bigdadarecords: We released some records by Wiley between 2007 and 2014. We fully condemn Wiley's comments and royalties from those records will be donated to campaigns that fight anti-Semitism.

RT @Hey_its_Stefhan: I served 6 years as an Infantryman where I trained tirelessly on the M4(AR15) weapon system. 2 combat tours in Iraq and I can say that NO average citizen should own one. #VetsForGunReform

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @schxleo :

RT @schxleo: 105 years after the antisemitic lynching of Leo Frank in Marietta, Georgia is posed to elect a Jewish man to the Senate.

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RT @RuthSmeeth: We owe the people of Hong Kong our solidarity and democratic Governments across the world must not let this egregious attack on people's core human rights stand

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

On the @peston I’d absolutely right. It is even worse than this though as retired professionals are not being allowed to administer vaccines because of bureaucracy. Get it sorted!!!

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @lmharpin :

RT @lmharpin: Read coverage of the abuse sent to Celtic's Bitton in the Scottish tabloids today. Distinct failure to even raise the issue of antisemitism…

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @QariAsim :

RT @QariAsim: Amazing news at end of an extremely difficult year. Working with communities to raise awareness about the vaccine #AstraZeneca and combating misinformation. @MINAB_UK working with #Mosques to build everyone's confidence in it.

RT @HannaLiubakova: #Belarus Brave and talented journalist and my friend Kaciaryna Andreyeva has recently published a book, together with her husband. She is 27 and in jail. Kaciaryna was arrested while reporting from the protest after Raman #Bandarenka's was beaten to death. #JournalismIsNotACrime

RT @HannaLiubakova: #Belarus People have been on the streets since early morning hours to late evening. It's a completely grassroots self-organisation, major #Telegram channels didn't announce rallies today.People were detained in Minsk,Salihorsk and Brest,including 63-year-old pensioner Elena Gnauk

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

Covid-19: Doctors call for rapid rollout of vaccines Dr Gerada is spot on. The public will continue to support restrictions, but will be consequentially very angry if they see blockages delaying vaccination.…