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Independent Advisor to UK Government on antisemitism. Still not scared to say how it is. Contact via

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John Mann (Labour) replied to @SofaaSogood :

@SofaaSogood Many congratulations. Well deserved c

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

Now Heffer joins John McDonnell in wanting the politicians to control monetary policy rather than the independent Bank of England. Bit More Venezuelan and Zimbabwean economics.

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @domdyer70 :

RT @domdyer70: Ex British Gamekeeper cashing in on slaughter safaris reports front page Mirror @LeagueACS @carriesymonds @ZacGoldsmith @CAu…

RT @That_Train_Guy: Absolutely fantastic news on the #eurail front from @LNER #passiton…

RT @MichaelPayneUK: Asda bosses are threatening staff with the sack if they don’t agree to a new contract that cuts holiday entitlement and…

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

Should have asked me, vice chair treasury committee if the front bench can’t be bothered.

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

Nice try, but that is not what was said. What I said was if Boris Johnson thought he would lose a confidence vote then he would simply call an election and could do so after 31 October

John Mann (Labour) retweeted @CSkidmoreUK :

RT @CSkidmoreUK: The saddest story Roald Dahl ever wrote- on the death of his daughter Olivia from measles. This is a deadly, highly infect…

John Mann (Labour) tweeted :

I agree. Let’s start by retiring every Labour MP aged 70 and over at the next election.

RT @NewStatesman: "Our house is burning. Literally." Emmanuel Macron calls for international action over record Amazon fires.…