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Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley and Shadow Policing Minister.

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RT @jamesrbuk: RT @jamesrbuk: A Major UK Domestic Violence Organisation Faces Accusations Of Failing Victims And Taking Inappropriate Payments https://t.c…

RT @jamesrbuk: This breaks the personal promises she made to thousands of curry chefs, aside from everything else wrong with this repellant policy.…

RT @jamesrbuk: Why hasn’t the Samaritans guidance on suicide been made part of the IPSO code? This would be a good and concrete step *which could save lives*. And stop the wildly irresponsible coverage of suicide we’re seeing today.

RT @jamesrbuk: This is right up there with denying the Holocaust because there are Jewish people alive today. Absolutely utterly abhorrent.

RT @jamesrbuk: If your stance is that inflammatory language and political violence is only something your opponents do then you’re part of the problem. Simple as that.

RT @jamesrbuk: A tale in four pictures: 1. Keir Starmer waving a report on NHS winter preparation at Boris Johnson, who revealed he hadn't read it 2. The cover of that report 3. That report warnings about the need for much more testing in winter 4. It doing it a second time, in bold

RT @jamesrbuk: One more chart: here’s the change in knife related crime from 2010/11 to 2018. So once again: why do we talk about this as if it’s a London issue, let alone a @SadiqKhan issue? It is a national crisis.

RT @jamesrbuk: New York State (pop 20 mil) is hiring at least 18,000 contact tracers, paying $40-$57k a year, with a goal of eventually having 60,000 tracers. Some are degree-level positions. The UK’s (pop 70 mil) “world-beating” scheme is aiming to hire 25,000, at £10 an hour. Hm.

Louise Haigh (Labour) tweeted :

Can we compromise on this #Bigdog as well?

RT @KeohaneDan: RT @KeohaneDan: A reminder that invoking article 16 does not mean “hey presto, the protocol is gone!”