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Naz Shah (Labour) retweeted @hahellyer :

RT @hahellyer: The exit poll may be a bit off. But what isn't off is this: tolerating anti-Muslim sentiment is not a losing strategy in our politics in 2019 Britain. That should be of great concern, to all of us, in our country. And patently, right now, it isn't.

Naz Shah MP (Labour) retweeted @hahellyer :

RT @hahellyer: I was accused of being a terrorist today on @Twitter, in response to an article I published in @ForeignPolicy about Islamophobia - and Twitter didn't find a violation of their rules in that content after I reported it. Just another day. (And yes, these accusations matter.)

Naz Shah MP (Labour) retweeted @hahellyer :

RT @hahellyer: When faced with concerns around Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry, the PM, yet again, denies, denies, and denies. But never seems to explain the scores of complaints that are a matter of public record within his party. Appropriate of @NazShahBfd to raise this in the House.

RT @CamdenJonathan: RT @CamdenJonathan: @NazShahBfd @UKLabour Solidarity to you Naz.

RT @JolyonMaugham: This is the piece you've been waiting to read on the waste, incompetence and VIP cronyism masquerading as PPE procurement.…

RT @OneRuleForThem_: 'DISHY RISHI'? YOU DECIDE. This man is leading the fight within Government against @MarcusRashford's campaign to feed disadvantaged kids in the school holidays. @RishiSunak, a man of the people? You decide 👇

Naz Shah MP (Labour) tweeted :

No child should go hungry. Thank you to @Millside_Centre. For stepping up when the Government has failed. #BradfordCommunityKitchen

Naz Shah MP (Labour) tweeted :

No child shoukd go hungry. Thank you to @Millside_Centre. For stepping up when the Government has failed. #BradfordCommunityKitchen

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: Women's rights are stronger thanks to the EU: sign our petition today to protect women's rights #StrongerIn #IWD2016 https:…

RT @StrongerIn: RT @StrongerIn: 33/50 Being in Europe keeps us safer - here are just 10 reasons why. Pls RT