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teacher - once MP for Scunthorpe, Kirton and Bottesford.........What makes the difference is not belief alone but the raw courage to make it happen

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RT @JohnWFraserB: @NicDakin55 @fairynuff1979 I have to say that this article made me cry both for the stance taken by Smith and Carlos and the way they were punished but more so for the shocking treatment of Norman by Australians I remember watching in 1968 as a 15 year old My son will see this and know the truth

RT @jamiepugh1998: RT @jamiepugh1998: Fantastic debate brought forward by my MP, @NicDakinMP , whom I meet tomorrow.

RT @jamiepugh1998: @NicDakin4MP @EstuaryTV Thanks for the effort! Such a shame the Tories are hiding away from the threat of Labour. I'd love to see them humiliated live on TV.

RT @jamiepugh1998: RT @jamiepugh1998: I'm happy to pledge my support to @NicDakin4MP this upcoming #GE2017. Good luck, Nic! Hopefully see you soon.

RT @jamiepugh1998: RT @jamiepugh1998: Thank you, Nic. Your support is appreciated :) @Scun_Samaritans…

RT @jamiepugh1998: RT @jamiepugh1998: On June 8, I'm voting @UKLabour (@jeremycorbyn) and @NicDakin4MP. Why? Read below. #GE2017

RT @jamiepugh1998: @NicDakinMP My first council tax bill came through a few weeks ago and despite being on benefits and a zero-hour contract, AND applying for the reduction for such - they've only given me the 'single person reduction' which is 25%. It's awful. This is my first proper tenancy and I struggle.

RT @MotorCarnage: RT @MotorCarnage: @NicDakinMP Quite a few members of staff have recently partaken in the Scunthorpe Parkrun too!

RT @EmmaKennedy: RT @EmmaKennedy: Has there been an explanation as to why the 3600 care home deaths from COVID have not been included in the govt official f…

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @EmmaKennedy :

RT @EmmaKennedy: Reading a story that Cummings is planning to remove Sir Simon Stevens, the NHS chief and replace him with…. (wait for it) Dido Harding. No. I’m not joking.