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teacher and former Labour MP. for Scunthorpe, Kirton and Bottesford.........What makes the difference is not belief alone but the raw courage to make it happen

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RT @RTHondavehanson: In other news - I know there is a lot going on,but a reminder that it’s 1 year ago today that ministers wrote to me to announce a call for evidence on attacks on shop staff-and 1 year on there is still no announced outcome-now more than ever a response is needed #notpartofthejob

RT @SD_AndersonNI: This morning I got news of two guys (in their 30s and 40s) I grew up with who have contracted Covid 19. One is in a critical condition. One has 3 kids, the other has 4. Please start #SocialDistancing now. So many are not following the guidance here, that needs to stop.

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RT @NicDakin55: I’d rather the PM spend millions on PPE for health, care and other essential workers than on a letter telling us what we are RIGHTLY being told to do everyday. #ProtectOurNHS #SaveLives #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe

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RT @LucyRigby: RT @LucyRigby: Fox supposed to represent British businesses - how can he do that effectively when he has such low opinion of them? https://…

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RT @LucyRigby: RT @LucyRigby: Definitely a morning for this > Fleetwood Mac, Don't Stop #ImWithHer @HillaryClinton #love… https://t…

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RT @LucyRigby: RT @LucyRigby: Really looking forward to this @LabourWomensNet event tonight! In Conversation with @RachelReevesMP…

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RT @LucyRigby: RT @LucyRigby: You have to love a British understatement > British Brexit negotiations 'have not begun well' - Sir Simon Fraser https://t.…

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RT @LucyRigby: .@Tim_Roache spot on re gig econ. Model used to undermine workers' rights. Govt needs to wake up to new protections & legal reforms needed.…

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RT @LucyRigby: Big victory for those like @SharonHodgsonMP who have been campaigning on unfairnesses of secondary ticketing market for years!…

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RT @stepneyboy1: @NicDakin55 yes we all should appluad our NHS and all the good people who make it work for us, alas was it just a year ago that tory mps were also happy about our NHS when they cheered and were joyous when they defeated labour;s proposal to increase nurses pay