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Labour MP 4 Bottesford, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Scunthorpe & surrounding villages. Fighting local people's corner. #SaveOurSteel Privacy policy on website

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Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @NicDakinMP :

RT @NicDakinMP: When Charles I did essentially the same thing it resulted in a real civil war and ended badly for him. Best not go there! h…

RT @barkatthemoon77: @nicdakinmp It's me Nic? Did I ever have any intention but to #VoteLabour? It's simple #CameronMustGo

RT @barkatthemoon77: This is why @UKLabour and @NicDakinMP have my vote... Amongst many other reasons.

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @JohnPaulMcH :

RT @JohnPaulMcH: Dragged our Susan and her pal up Ben Nevis today, glorious sunshine up and down, well done girls

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @annaturley :

RT @annaturley: The steel industry have been clear with MPs - No Deal = No Steel. There will be no British steel industry left if we leave…

Nic Dakin (Labour) tweeted :

Good luck to @WASPI_Campaign_ for the judicial review

RT @redditchrachel: Thank you also @JackBreretonMP @JackDromeyMP @NicDakinMP really appreciate all your input. Look forward to working toge…

Nic Dakin (Labour) retweeted @NicDakinMP :

RT @SUFCOfficial: 🎂🎉 Happy Birthday to Iron President Sir Ian Botham, who celebrates turning 63 today. #IRON @BeefyBotham…

Nic Dakin (Labour) replied to @tractorman07 :

@tractorman07 In the valley of the blind the one eyed man is king