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Labour MP for Bootle - Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Contact only via:

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Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @NorthPerk :

RT @NorthPerk: We're super proud of Melissa, she walked out of here & walked staright into a Barista job in Costa ☕ #coffeequeen #skills #s…

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @mato66 :

RT @mato66: @Peter_Dowd neighbors must start fighting DIRTY fly tippers

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @fideIista :

RT @fideIista: I believe Trump doesn’t want this gem sharing so whatever you do - do not retweet it.

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @katelallyx :

RT @katelallyx: .@johnmcdonnellMP is in Southport to discuss the town’s regeneration

RT @AngelaRayner: Just love Owls! 🦉😁…

RT @MrMichaelSpicer: the room next door from 2014 - Liz Truss

RT @jeremycorbyn: We'll kick-start a Green Industrial Revolution, power up the north and create thousands of new jobs.…

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @_Variava_ :

RT @_Variava_: This kind of treatment of a woman is shocking, disgusting, appalling and down right horrific. Mob lynchings in #India are a…

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @BCWProject :

RT @BCWProject: @BootleToolshed @Peter_Dowd We are proud that our MP @lloyd_rm supports our attempt to set up the #BrightonCommunityWorksho…

Peter Dowd (Labour) retweeted @Bootle_A_G :

RT @Bootle_A_G: Our friends from Netherton Community organised a litter pick along the public path through the golf course with Micheal fro…