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Staying calm and listening to jazz

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RT @BrianSpanner1: RT @BrianSpanner1: ‘I’ll need that back, love.’

RT @HitachiRailENG: RT @HitachiRailENG: ◽◽ An update from our team - read the full release here ➡️

RT @jessbrammar: know there are a lot of Londoners apparently getting on trains tonight or heading up/down the motorway, but there are also a lot who had a cup of tea or opened a bottle of wine earlier during the presser, had a bit of a cry, called their family and told them they aren’t coming

RT @nick_forbes: You can't just bluster your way through situations like this - making it up as you go has massive consequences, confuses people and undermines the very public health goals both local and central government are trying to achieve.

RT @nick_forbes: It's already in Party Rules, although in practice every time I've asked to attend in recent years I've been told I can't.

RT @annaturley: This is great movie. And as relevant for this country as for the US. The Trial of the Chicago 7 review – timely courtroom drama…

RT @HLFNorthEast: Thomas Kenny was the first member of the Durham Light Infantry to be awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions in #WW1 @WHHC1 has been exploring his life. #Sedgefield constituency @MPphilwilson…

RT @Syllabu90846447: Stanley Turrentine (Apr. 5, 1934) born on this day 1934. 本日誕生日のアーティスト セール的にはCTIのSUGARが代表作だがHorace Parlanとの共演も代表作、だがこの盤のLesMcCannがとにかくいい。アーシーでファンキーの塊だ That's Where It's At 1962 Pia @YouTube

RT @Syllabu90846447: Thanks a lot for today. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. また明日🥂 Oscar Peterson & Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen • 15-07-1979 • World of Jazz Oscar Peterson, piano, and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, bass #Jazz @YouTube

RT @JananGanesh: RT @JananGanesh: The worst elitism is on the Leave side. My column in today's FT