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Phil Wilson (Labour) retweeted @abdi_d96 :

RT @abdi_d96: RT @abdi_d96: Bring this spirit back

Phil Wilson (Labour) retweeted @UKLabour :

RT @UKLabour: Since the beginning of this pandemic, our frontline workers have worked gruelling shifts to keep us safe. This Government's blatant rule breaking is insulting and damaging.

RT @annaturley: It’s scorched earth policy now. They’ve an 80 seat majority & will be driving through whatever they want to change the culture, economy, society & character of this country in their own image before the next election. Which is a way off & in their control. The BBC is just next.

RT @jamesjohnson252: In some of our focus groups this week, I asked voters about Boris Johnson. First, people who voted Conservative for the first time in 2019, in the 'Red Wall' seat of Bolton North East: “He’s a coward.” (1/18)

Phil Wilson (Labour) retweeted @jamesrbuk :

RT @jamesrbuk: It is pretty impressive that one of the very few substantive announcements accompanying a "New Deal" is if anything actually spending less money over the next few years. That is…incredibly…bad staff work.

RT @Andrew_Adonis: @tom_watson RT should be closed down, not fined. It is not a news broadcaster: it is a propaganda arm of Putin’s Kremlin, financed by the Russian state as an instrument of attack, and it has no place in Britain. This fine will be paid by Putin & RT will carry on regardless

RT @Andrew_Adonis: ‘Farage asks for a pint. The barman draws it & throws it into his face. 'Why did you do that?' 'You asked for a pint, but you didn't say how you wanted it delivered.' Farage: ‘I'll have a pint in a pint glass.' 'No. You can't ask again.' 'Why not?' 'Democracy.'"

RT @Andrew_Adonis: Revealed that Johnson’s deal applies EU law in full to Northern Ireland, including European Court of Justice. How can EU law apply & NI not have MEPs? Court has already ruled in respect of Gibraltar that if one is subject to EU law, one must have a vote in the EU legislature

RT @Andrew_Adonis: The government and Tory MPs have just voted against a motion in the House of Commons which “requires ministers to respect the rule of law and uphold the independence of the courts” Good grief